Nissan 370Z “StreetGlow Series” Is the Car You Can Drive But Can’t Have

The Need for Speed garage is pretty much the perfect place to build your dream car, although as many of us discovered the hard way, doing this is much more difficult that it seemed at first.
Nissan 370Z in Need for Speed 5 photos
Nissan 370Z in NFSNissan 370Z in NFSNissan 370Z in NFSNissan 370Z in NFS
And it’s all because creating a good-looking car comes down to design skills and more than just imagination, and unless you have this mix, pretty much everything you create even in a racing game looks more or less awful.

The Nissan 370Z StreetGlow Series that we have here, however, is the creation of NFS Garage Builds Performance, who shared it on Instagram alongside so many other models built in the same game.

While we’ll let you be the one to discover the virtual tuning on this 370Z, it’s worth emphasizing that the sporty styling created here is one of the best ever created for this model in Need for Speed, and all parts seem to fit the car like a glove.

Again, while it might seem easy at first, creating such a custom design isn’t a job for the Average Joe, and if you think otherwise, the only way to convince yourself about the whole thing is to give it a try in Need for Speed.

In the meantime, what we can do is to actually download these wraps and use them in Need for Speed. All you need to do is look for NFS_GaragebuildS in the game to check out all the wraps that he created, and then download whichever you want to use them on the cars in your garage.

And of course, trying out such wraps and creating your own is actually a pretty good idea since the only chance to drive a car these days is to install a racing game and play it as much as possible during this whole time when everyone is required to stay at home.


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