Someone Has Found a Way to Improve Audio in Android Auto

The choppy music struggle on Android Auto has been around for several months already, and without an official fix, users have been all alone in their effort to improve audio quality in their cars.
Music playback in Android Auto 1 photo
Many users complained that generic workarounds, which most often included clearing the cache of Android Auto or changing cables, didn’t make any difference, leaving them with the same choppy audio that in some cases made listening to audio books nearly impossible.

While several car brands are said to be affected, Nissan appears to be one where the audio hiccup was most often experienced for a reason that is yet to be determined.

Someone on the Google forums, however, has found a way to resolve the whole thing, and it all comes down to some simple steps that pretty much anyone can do on their devices.

First and foremost, you need to reset the infotainment system in your Nissan car, all without the Android device connected to the car. Once this step is complete, you need to add the Android phone to the Bluetooth list in the Nissan system, albeit the poster says this may not be necessary for everyone.

Android Auto then must be removed from the device and then you should reinstall an older version of the app. You can download Android Auto (both older and newer versions) using this link for the APK installers. One recommended version is 4.4.592344, the poster says, but you can try pretty much any version that’s older than the one causing the choppy music on your device.

The next step involves installing Android Auto and setting it up in your car with a high-quality USB cable (those from Samsung are the ones most often recommended). Once this process is complete, disable Bluetooth on your phone.

The same user speculates that the thing leading to choppy music in Android Auto could be an incompatibility between Android Auto and the Bluetooth system that the car uses, as both try to control the playback.


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