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New Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept Unveiled in China, Looks Like a Future Electric Camaro Sedan

General Motors continues its electrification push with a brand-new product unveiled during the GM China Tech Day 2022, on November 22. It is a concept named the Chevrolet FNR-XE, with zero-emission power, and it is a very sexy proposal.
2022 Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept 7 photos
2022 Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept2022 Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept2022 Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept2022 Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept2022 Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept2022 Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept
If you squint a lot, you will see some design traits that appear to have been inspired by the Chevrolet Camaro. Believed to be based on the Ultium platform, the study has lots of LEDs at the front, including an illuminated bowtie emblem and backlit grille, muscular hood and front arches, beefy side skirts, and wide hips.

The rear end is just as pretty to look at, with its sharp creases and soft lines, and aggressive diffuser-like piece with extra lights where the exhaust tips would normally be – unless those are reflectors. Since it doesn’t try to trick anyone into thinking it’s a coupe, the roofline has a normal angle and does not eat into the headroom of those sitting at the back.

Flush-mounted door handles, five-spoke fan-like wheels, and a blue paint finish, contrasted by the black roof and pillars, with a few shiny accents here and there, round off the exterior design of the FNR-XE Concept, which probably previews something. But what could that be?

As we told you above, our two cents would be on the next-generation Chevrolet Camaro. The model is rumored to morph into an all-quiet four-door sedan. Of course, we could be wrong, as we might be looking at something else entirely. The GM-owned brand states that the FNR-XE was made primarily for China, but they did not exclude a possible launch in other markets.

So, do you think it might actually preview the next-gen Camaro, or is it a different product altogether, perhaps with front-wheel drive and affordable price tag? Work that keyboard in the comments section down below, and let us know your thoughts about it.

Editor's note: Images courtesy of GMAuthority.


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