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New $100 Million Luxury Jet Concept Is Out of This World, a Flying Superyacht for the Rich

One of the most stunning luxury concepts revealed at the Dubai Air Show is Lufthansa’s Explorer VIP aircraft. Meant to mimic the outstanding capabilities of explorer superyachts, this incredible aircraft boasts a two-level design, a retractable veranda, enough room for adventure ground vehicles, plus a flying disco club.
The Explorer concept features a large retractable veranda, for stunning views 7 photos
Explorer VIP Cabin ConceptExplorer VIP Cabin ConceptExplorer VIP Cabin ConceptExplorer VIP Cabin ConceptExplorer VIP Cabin ConceptExplorer VIP Cabin Concept
We’ve heard of ultra-sophisticated private jets before, but the Explorer concept takes it to a whole different level. Lufthansa went all out when it envisioned this wide-body aircraft designed for those who want to explore the world in ultimate luxury. This two-level design, based on an Airbus A330 platform, displays a main deck with a glass floor so that passengers can view the unique Mobility Lounge on the lower deck.

This Lounge will be created in cooperation with Brabus, and this says it all – the jet will carry several luxury adventure vehicles onboard, much like a superyacht.

The aviation company wanted to create an explorer airplane that would be able to fly its guests anywhere in the world while also doubling as a base camp for further adventures on land. Once they get to their destinations, the passengers can take one of the vehicles onboard for a ride or relax and enjoy the spectacular view from the aircraft’s veranda.

Yes, the Explorer’s floor in the forward fuselage area extends outward, turning into a spacious veranda. Those onboard can take in the wonderful view from 13 feet (four meters) above the apron. This acts as an extension of the Explorer’s super-comfortable living spaces, including bedrooms, offices, dining areas, and even gyms.

Again, just like a superyacht, this new aircraft is also meant for fun experiences on the way to the destination. For the first time in the industry, Lufthansa has integrated a large-scale projection system for virtual content in a VIP cabin. Developed in cooperation with Diehl Aerospace, this amazing system unfolds almost over the entire cabin ceiling, turning it into a whimsical sea view or night sky, for example. Also, the versatile configuration could include a wooden floor into the dining area, which converts into a dance floor for a flying disco club.

This groundbreaking concept is currently being displayed at the Dubai Airshow, taking place between November 14 to 18. Aviation Week reports that configuring an Airbus A330 for 12 passengers, with the Explorer concept, will cost a whopping $100 million, in addition to the aircraft’s initial cost.

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