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ACJ319neo Business Jet With Worldwide Range Boasts Ultra-Comfortable, Luxury Design

Business jets have reached new levels of luxury, comfort, and style, and one of the most sophisticated models out there can be admired these days at the most influential business aviation trade show in the U.S.
The ACJ319neo blends high performance with ultimate luxury 8 photos
ACJ319neo Business JetACJ319neo Business JetACJ319neo Business JetACJ319neo Business JetACJ319neo Business JetACJ319neo Business JetACJ319neo Business Jet
With almost 200 corporate jets and more than 1,800 private and business helicopters currently in service, flying worldwide, including Antarctica, Airbus is one of the biggest players in the corporate aviation industry, not to mention aerospace in general.

One of the advantages of being a large-scale aviation company when it comes to business jets is that it can also apply the latest developments in power and technology to specific areas of corporate aviation. Airbus is doing this by upgrading its business jet models with features derived from its commercial line.

The ACJ319neo is based on the company’s best-selling A319neo product family, which includes new engines that contribute to a better range. This ultra-modern corporate jet can fly eight passengers for 6,750 nautical miles (12,501 km) or 15 hours non-stop, and it provides superior comfort, thanks to the generous cabin space and cabin volume, which are three times bigger compared to traditional business jets.

Another plus is the lower cabin altitude, equivalent to less than 6,400 feet (1,950 m), which means that the atmosphere inside the ACJ319neo is similar to what we experience on the ground.

Airbus will be showcasing an ACJ319neo corporate jet from K5-Aviation, the largest Airbus operator in Europe, for the first time. Visitors at the NBAA-BACE prestigious trade show can admire this luxurious jet in person. The four large living areas, king size bedroom with ensuite bathroom and stand-up shower make the ACJ319neo ultra-comfortable.

A new in-flight entertainment system and 55” TV add more fun to the whole experience, while state-of-the-art, high-speed Wi-Fi makes sure video calls and streaming go as smoothly as possible. Displaying “contemporary luxury styling” all throughout, the ACJ319neo is one of the stars at NBAA-BACE, which is open until October 14, 2021.

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