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Falcon 10X Ready for Domination, Boasts Mighty Rolls Royce Engine and Huge Cabin

A private business jet that combines ultra-long-range and the latest technology with a spacious and comfortable cabin – this is what the Falcon 10X is meant to be. 
Falcon 10X is the first Dassault Jet to be equipped with a Rolls Royce twin engine 5 photos
Falcon10X business jetFalcon10X business jetFalcon10X business jetFalcon10X business jet
After previously releasing the Falcon 8X as what they called the “quietest jet on the market”, the French aviation company Dassault Aviation is now unveiling the private jet with the biggest cabin currently available.

The Falcon 10X’s cabin is 6 ft. tall (1.82 meters) and 9 ft. wide (2.7 meters), which makes it two inches taller and eight inches wider than what is considered to be the biggest private jet cabin today. Plus, it can be easily customized, thanks to its high modularity compared to standard aircraft in the same class. Depending on their needs, customers can opt for a larger conference area, a master suite or an extended entertainment area.

Comfort is a priority when it comes to this new private jet, because it’s designed for long nonstop flights, such as from New York to Shanghai or Los Angeles to Sydney. During these long flights, passengers have more room to relax, as well as better light, thanks to the 38 extra-large windows.

Falcon 10X is also the first Dassault jet to be equipped with a Rolls Royce engine. The powerful Rolls Royce Pearl 10X, currently in development, is designed to deliver over 18,000 pounds of thrust.

With a range of 7,500 nautical miles and a maximum speed of Mach 0.925, the twin-engine Falcon 10X is perfectly able to perform those long, nonstop flights. And, for improved maneuverability, the jet’s wings are made of superior carbon fiber composites, which make the wings stronger without adding weight.

Dassault used their own military technology as a starting point for their latest jet’s Digital Flight Control System, for optimized flying precision and safety. This system is able to manage and adjust the power of each engine in various flight conditions. And, for improved visibility, the jet also features the innovative FalconEye combined vision system.

The Falcon 10X luxury business has is expected to enter service in 2025.

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