Name a Brasher G-Wagen Than Keyvany's Mercedes-AMG G 63 – We'll Wait

Mercedes-AMG G 63 by Keyvany 11 photos
Photo: Instagram | keyvanyoffical
Mercedes-AMG G 63 by KeyvanyMercedes-AMG G 63 by KeyvanyMercedes-AMG G 63 by KeyvanyMercedes-AMG G 63 by KeyvanyMercedes-AMG G 63 by KeyvanyMercedes-AMG G 63 by KeyvanyMercedes-AMG G 63 by KeyvanyMercedes-AMG G 63 by KeyvanyMercedes-AMG G 63 by KeyvanyMercedes-AMG G 63 by Keyvany
Ever since the earlier days of motoring, people have been fascinated by vehicles with a go-anywhere capability. Thus, such rides have significantly evolved over the years to the point where wealthy enthusiasts can enjoy such a machine that’s also sprinkled with a lot of comfort, luxury, tech, and safety gear. And which is also very powerful.
The premium truck offering isn’t that vast, but it does include one very special model: the Mercedes G-Class. Whether it is in the normal Benz configuration or in the hotter AMG flavor, this vehicle has proved its worth as being a great off-roader and a very good daily driver. It is one of the favorite toys of the jet set, and every tuner that counts has at least a few aftermarket components on its shelves for it.

Unfortunately, the Mercedes G-Wagens, especially those from the second generation, which has been around since 2018, have also attracted some unwanted attention. Mansory, for one, has tuned multiple copies and has even launched a two-door coupe version of it, and another controversial company, Keyvany, offers similar upgrades for it, which are also on the brash side of things.

Case in point, meet one of Keyvany’s latest encounters with the mighty Mercedes-AMG G 63, which is very bold. It has a widebody kit with fender extensions, side skirt attachments, reworked front and rear bumpers, a modified grille, and a vented hood that’s on the OTT side. It also rides closer to the asphalt, has a set of aftermarket wheels, and sports a bi-tone look mixing silver and black.

Mercedes\-AMG G 63 by Keyvany
Photo: Instagram | keyvanyoffical
Since the three-pointed star brand’s logos were probably deemed m’eh, this G 63 has the tuner’s emblem instead to decorate not only the exterior but the cabin, too. On the inside, it has a pair of bucket seats for the driver and front passenger and fresh leather upholstery with a mustard hue and black piping. This is the dominating shade of the cockpit, joined by additional carbon fiber trim and more Keyvany emblems.

Together with the flashy OEM ambient lighting and the occasional metal trim that came straight from the factory, this makeover turns the Mercedes-AMG G 63 into a gaudy machine, one that’s not to everyone’s taste. If anything, we think these aftermarket touches do not do justice to what is, in essence, a fine and extremely versatile ride, but then again, if shocking is what the owner of this copy was after, then they have certainly nailed that part.

In addition to the controversial looks, this SUV also has a power boost. The social media post embedded below reveals that it has 820 horsepower to play with, with the figure likely being for the metric hp, translating to 808 bhp/603 kW. The stock G 63 has 577 hp (585 ps/430 kW) to play with from its 4.0L bi-turbo V8. It takes 4.5 seconds to 60 mph (97 kph) and has a 137 mph (220 kph) top speed.

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