2024 Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 Coupe Photos, engines & full specs

Body style: Coupé (two-door)
Segment: Coupe
Infotainment: Apple CarPlay icon Apple CarPlay   Android Auto icon Android Auto  
Production years: 2023, 2024

Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe 2023-Present 34 Photos
Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe (2023-Present)

After Mercedes-Benz introduced the CLE Coupe on the market in the summer of 2023, customers waited for an AMG-badge version of it, which came in November of the same year.

The German car manufacturer needed a vehicle to compete with the BMW M4 that ruled the compact-sized premium coupe segment. But while many people expected the three-pointed star brand to show up with the same powertrain carried over from the C63 AMG and the GLC63 AMG, the result was even better. In addition, the changes AMG made to the car’s bodywork were anything but subtle, making the brand’s fans instantly fall in love with the new CLE53 AMG.

Mercedes-AMG took the regular CLE and completely transformed it. At the front, the wider track forced the car manufacturer to enlarge the fenders. In addition, the main grille featuring the Panamericana styling sported a trapezoidal shape, matched by the look of the lower side of the bumper, penned with an A-shape air intake. On the sides of the apron, the automaker added side scoops that helped with the aerodynamics. The CLE53 featured full-LED headlights, and customers could opt for the DIGITAL Light system that improved the road illumination and the car’s look.

AMG created a shark-looking profile of the vehicle. The organic-shaped headlights and the flat nose amplified that sensation. In addition, the car’s hood was unique. It featured a functional extracting vent on its forward area and was flanked by two longitudinal creases. Furthermore, the vehicle's sporty look was enhanced by the redesigned side skirts and the wider rear fenders that had to cover the increased rear track compared to the standard CLE Coupe. The automaker installed standard 19” alloy wheels, but customers could opt for a 20-inch set. Finally, at the back, the automaker added LED taillights that didn’t connect via a light stripe and a four-exhaust system that flanked a functional rear diffuser under the bumper.

Inside, Mercedes-AMG installed sports bucket seats at the front with automatically retractable seatbelt posts incorporated into the B-post. Like its sibling, the CLE Coupe, it didn’t have a frame for the windows. Fronting the driver was a standard flat-bottom three-spoke steering wheel fitted with controls for the driving dynamic and other functions of the vehicle. The automaker completely ditched any analog dials in the cockpit, leaving just a display for the instrument panel and a massive touchscreen atop the center stack for the MBUX infotainment system. In the back, the CLE53 featured a bench seat profiled for two, separated by a console that housed two cup holders and a small storage for a smartphone.

Still, the most significant improvement of the vehicle happened under its skin. Besides the enlarged front and rear tracks, the automaker added a three-liter engine, helped by a turbocharger and an electric supercharger. In addition, the mild-hybrid system featured an additional starter generator that added 23 PS (22.5 hp) to the system for a total of 449 PS (443 hp). The car came standard with all-wheel steering and adaptive suspension. Power went in all corners via a nine-speed automatic (dual-clutch) gearbox.

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Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe 2023, 2024
  1 mild hybrid engine
  • CLE 53 3.0L MHEV 4MATIC+ 9AT AWD (449 HP)

Mercedes-AMG CLE Coupe
CLE 53 3.0L MHEV 4MATIC+ 9AT AWD (449 HP)

Displacement:2999 cm3
Power:330.2 KW @ 5800-6100 RPM
449 HP @ 5800-6100 RPM
443 BHP @ 5800-6100 RPM
Torque:413 lb-ft @ 2200-5000 RPM
560 Nm @ 2200-5000 RPM
Electrical motor power:16.9 kw (23 hp)
Electrical motor torque:151.2 lb-ft (205 Nm)
Fuel System:Turbocharged Direct Injection
Fuel:Mild Hybrid
Top Speed:155 mph (249 km/h)
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 kph):4.2 s
Drive Type:All Wheel Drive
Gearbox:9-speed automatic AMG Speepshift
Front:Ventilated Discs
Rear:Ventilated Discs
Combined:24.2 mpg US (9.7 L/100Km)
CO2 Emissions (Combined):220 g/km
600 Nm torque with overboost
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