Mysterious Barn in the Middle of Nowhere Is Loaded With Old Ford Mustangs

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Photo: Ethan Minnie/YouTube
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Some say that the world's greatest barn finds have already been discovered when those rare Ferraris and Bugattis were unearthed in France back in 2014. Granted, we won't see so many gems like that in one place again, but there are still great barn finds to look forward to. And this abandoned property in the middle of nowhere is the best proof.
Documented by YouTube's "Ethan Minnie," this barn is somewhat of a mystery. Our host doesn't reveal its location and it appears to be in the middle of nowhere based on its surroundings (and the fact that he spotted a coyote toward the end of the video). The building has also been abandoned for years based on its advanced state of decades. But it hides quite a few interesting classics.

The first room houses no fewer than four cars, starting with a sixth-generation Mercury Cougar from the 1980s. Yup, this one is far from special, but it sits next to a late 1970s Chevrolet Camaro and a first-generation Ford Mustang. The latter appears to be a 1965 version, which makes it highly desirable among Mustang enthusiasts. It features a cool blue-and-white interior and a manual transmission. The fourth classic, a 1960s Ford Falcon, is almost hidden in a dark corner.

Things become even more interesting as our second host discovers a second room. This one hides no fewer than five Ford Mustangs. Granted, three of them are Fox-body versions that aren't particularly interesting, but the other two are first-gen ponies from the 1965-to-1968 era (unfortunately, it's too dark to tell precisely).

Both cars are missing their cabin bits, so it's safe to say they've been taken apart for restoration. Unfortunately, whoever was working on them abandoned the projects and it looks like they're doomed to soldier on as resting relics.

But that's not all. Our host discovers a third room that also includes an early Ford Mustang. Unlike the others, which are of the fastback variety, this one's a coupe. Again, it's too dark to tell for sure, but it could be a 1965 or 1966 version, which may be desirable with the right engine and options.

This room also includes a Ford full-size from the mid-1960s. Based on the headlamps, it's a 1965 or 1966 Galaxie. Based on the trunk lid trim, it's a 1965 version, but I'm not sure since it may be missing some bits. This car appears to be in solid condition, but it's been parked for years with the soft top folded so the cabin is pretty much covered in dust.

Sadly, it looks like none of these cars will be saved anytime soon, so they're likely to rot away where they stand. And that's a shame because those first-gen Mustangs are definitely worth saving. Check them out in the video below.

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