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Microsoft Flight Simulator Players Getting New Controllers from Honeycomb and Thrustmaster

Honeycomb Aeronautical showcased a range of accessories for Microsoft Flight Simulator at the Flight Sim Expo. Among them, there’s a revision of its iconic Alpha Flight Controls yoke. The new Alpha Controls XPC will be compatible with PC and Xbox Series X and will include many of the features that made the original so popular among flight sim fans and a 4x increase in resolution to improve precision, plus a new spring-loaded mechanics for the ignition.
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Alpha Flight Controls XPCAlpha Flight Controls XPCFoxtrot Tango flight stickHoneycomb Telescopic Table MountHoneycomb Xbox HubThrustmaster TCA Boeing Yoke Pack
Since it promises to provide a better sim control experience, it makes sense for the upcoming Alpha Flight Controls XPC to be priced higher than the original model. That being said, Honeycomb Aeronautical revealed their new yoke will be available for purchase for $300 and it’s set for release during the first quarter of 2022.

Honeycomb also announced it will launch the Xbox Hub, a new accessory that lets players connect its new Bravo Throttle Quadrant and Charlie Rudder Pedals to the Xbox Series X. According to Honeycomb, the Xbox Hub will support Logitech Flight Rudder Pedals and Flight Throttle Quadrant. The Xbox Hub will be available for purchase for $30 and the accessory will hit shelves in early 2022.

The Sigma flight stick and Sigma Tau flight stick and throttle are Honycomb’s cheaper flight sim solutions for those who can’t afford to buy its yoke. They will be fully compatible with PC, and consoles are expected to arrive in 2022.

Finally, we have the Tango Foxtrot flight stick and throttle is a modular device that can be split into two separate units, featuring a telescopic mounting system. This one is coming to PC and Xbox next year for a price that will be revealed later on.

Thrustmaster has taken the wraps off its own yoke for Microsoft Flight Simulator impressively called TCA Boeing Yoke Pack. The flight sim solution will include a standalone yoke and a separate throttle, which will be bundled together in the same box.

As per FSElite’s report, the TCA Boeing’s standalone yoke features an all-metal interior, and the throttles will be swappable and can be expanded over time.

No price has been announced for the TCA Boeing Yoke Pack, but it’s going to be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator on both PC and Xbox Series X platforms. More details about Thrustmaster’s flight sim solution will be revealed on November 9.


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