Micro-Mobility Veteran Okai Announces Ultra-Powerful Shan 1 E-Scooter

Let’s face it, the urban mobility industry is popping! With such a growth, you’re bound to see countless of designs that promise to be the next last-mile solution. Okai, on the other hand, makes no promises and delivers.
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Photo: Okai Co
Shan 1 Electric ScooterShan 1 Electric ScooterShan 1 Electric ScooterShan 1 Electric ScooterShan 1 Electric ScooterShan 1 Electric ScooterShan 1 Electric ScooterShan 1 Electric ScooterShan 1 Electric Scooter
It seems like too many companies have popped up in recent years that produce last-mile vehicles, all promising that their product is better than all the rest. I like to call companies like these “young bloods.”

Okai, on the other hand, is anything but a young blood in the last-mile industry. Never heard of this micro mobility team, most people haven’t. However, you’ve probably seen an Okai product and even ridden one without realizing it.

Think of it like this, Okai has been focused on micro mobility for over 17 years now, designing and manufacturing components, in the process claiming over 100+ patents and all the necessary certifications to operate in nearly any country throughout the world. Only in the last year have they put up a website for you to see what they offer. Why? Simple. They've mainly focused on business-to-business distribution with a high emphasis on customer relations.

Shan 1 Electric Scooter
Photo: Okai Co
Now, with the inclusion of some business-to-client operations, Okai announces their biggest and best consumer vehicle, the Shan 1 e-scooter. Currently, all you’ll find if you visit the IndieGoGo page for the Shan 1 is a bit of info about how and where this scooter is to perform.

Here’s the deal, what you’re looking at is a vehicle that’s meant to do more than just be a last-mile solution. Remember, Okai has been mainly focused on the consumer market, with the Shan, this team is doing a bit more than that.

Compared to other products this crew produces, the Shan is meant to expand your horizons in terms of where and when you can ride it. Simply put, it’s an electric scooter that is meant to offer a true sense of freedom no matter the terrain. Yes, it really is that powerful.

Shan 1 Electric Scooter
Photo: Okai Co
Powering this beast, are two Bosch motors, one in each wheel. This is what will be powering you along at speeds up to 37 mph (59.5 kph). I don’t think that’s road legal in Europe. How much torque these two puppies will crank out isn’t yet mentioned, only that you’re looking at 1000 watts.

Part two of the story is the battery system. No mention of how much juice it’ll hold but it is enough to complete a 38-mile (61-kilometer) trip with a full recharge in five hours tops. Taking into consideration this scooter is meant to be ridden through some pretty rough terrains, 38 miles (61 kilometers) are more than enough. Heck, that’s more than you’ll need even for city riding. I know for sure some city streets could use a vehicle like this.

The entire body is mounted on a pair of 12-inch heavy-duty tires that offer a ride height of 6.3 inches (16 centimeters). That's over three times the height of your average scooter and almost as much clearance as the Wolf King electric scooter.

Shan 1 Electric Scooter
Photo: Okai Co
Since you’ll be tackling uneven and choppy terrain, the Shan is equipped with a capable air suspension system. One shock at the front and two at the rear are enough to offer cushioning and keep your tires pressed against the ground for grip.

If you have any doubts about this scooter’s abilities, take the 30% incline limit as a testament to its power. Have you ever walked a 30% incline? Hard enough with a machine tuned over thousands of years, let alone 17 years. Nonetheless, the Shan can do it.

Personally, I can’t wait to see how much one of these puppies is going to cost once pricing is announced. You can also bet your bottom dollar that the Early Bird specials will be gone like hot cakes.
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