Mercedes-Benz and Micro Mobility Have Created an EV Scooter

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Photo: Daimler AG/ Micro Mobility Systems
It had to happen eventually. Mercedes-Benz is stepping outside its comfort zone and presenting us with this two-wheel pocket rider. Yes folks, it’s a scooter!
This really is a scooter from automotive giant Mercedes-Benz and mobility monster Micro Mobility. No concepts or renderings here. It can be bought. It can be ridden. Bottom line, it exists.

Just imagine for a second that you ride to work every day. Today is a bit different. Today you are carried to your destination in a Benz. In the elevator, everyone is looking at you holding the Benz sigil. Suddenly you are tapped on the shoulder, “Excuse me. Is that a Mercedes Benz scooter or did you just put the emblem on it?” You just look at the person and don’t dignify that question with a response.

But does it hold up to the Mercedes name or does it just have an emblem on it? Well, we could just answer that question with another question. When is that last time anyone owned anything with the Mercedes emblem on it and was unhappy with the standard? This scooter is no different.

Photo: Daimler AG/ Micro Mobility Systems
Co-branded with Micro Mobility, this scooter combines the works and imagination of these two giants in their world. First off, it is most definitely electric. The idea behind it is to create a 100% eco-friendly EV that you combine style and aesthetics while offering us a Benz worthy functionality and comfort.

We are all aware that the automaker does not dabble in inexpensive or low-quality materials. This scooter is no different in that it is composed used the highest quality materials and building techniques both companies have on hand. This scooter is rumored to be able to cover over 3100 miles (5,000 km) before it’s supposed to break down. I wonder if that’s under warranty.

Now the design is based on the classic blueprint scooters follow, but by modifying a few features here and there, we are truly offered an exceptional vehicle. For example, the scooter does already include a front and rear suspension, but to add comfort to your ride, the teams include large 20cm rubber wheels to help absorb some of the shock and vibrations you might run into along your journey.

Photo: Daimler AG/ Micro Mobility Systems
The electrical system includes a 280 Wh 7.8 Ah battery that can offer you a range of 15.5 miles (25km). Even better, once you’re out of juice, this little demon will be back to full blast in just 3.5 hours. This battery is meant to power the head and taillights, but also the 500W peak motor on the back. Usually it runs on 250W, but this motor is right on the cusp of road legal use in Europe and because of this, these rides require a license plate. Albeit, 12 mph (20kph) is hardly an issue in the U.S.

I remember one of my buddies who used to build custom scooters in his garage before they were a big thing. Imagine hitting 50mph (80kph) on a chainsaw motor driven scooter with no suspension. Sure, this Benz scooter is nothing like that, but then again do you really need to be flying around at 50 mph on city streets with nothing on except a t-shirt and shorts?
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