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Standup Varibike 12 photos
Photo: Varibike
Standup VaribikeStandup VaribikeStandup VaribikeStandup VaribikeStandup VaribikeStandup VaribikeStandup VaribikeStandup VaribikeStandup VaribikeStandup VaribikeStandup Varibike
Some machines are made to take us places, while some machines are meant to offer us comfort. Whatever the reason a machine exists it’s usually to make our lives easier. But every once in a while, somebody comes up with a machine to make things harder, with a purpose of course.
It is called the Standup Varibike. If you don’t know what, or rather, who Varibike is, you are not alone. Seeing how weird this whole thing is, it does make a bit of sense. Here before you go on with the text, check out the gallery and the video below to see what we're talking about here.

We can start with the most obvious aspect of the design, a standup scooter. But to call it that wouldn’t do this trinket justice. True, it does include the whole scooter ideal and function, but more geared toward a sport scooter rather than your usual urban jungle scooter.

Aside from the pushing yourself around town bit, this vehicle is made with another purpose in mind, to give you a full-body workout. But how, as traditional scooters only end up working the legs? Well, this is no traditional scooter. In order to also work the upper body, the Standup is equipped with an extra set of handlebars.

Standup Varibike
Photo: Varibike
But of course, they aren’t just handlebars, because what the heck are you going to do with two sets? Well, the second set of handlebars are more like bike pedals for your hands. That’s right folks. Those extra handlebars are actually made to rotate in place, but in doing so, drive a chain that acts on the front wheel hub.

So, what you end up doing with this vehicle is moving along using your arms as well. Plus, the motions that the body goes through while using this function are compared to cross country skiing and paddle boarding.

Just imagine this for a second. It's late afternoon and you’re looking to get your evening workout. But the treadmill and stationary bikes are just, well, stationary. You then come across this article published on Autoevolution and find the solution to your problem. You end up ordering on from Germany and before long, you’re evening routine includes a run through the city, by the lake, along the boardwalk, through the woods, and atop the ridge for sunset. Heck, strap on a light source and not worry about getting home.

Standup Varibike
Photo: Varibike
And don’t worry, you will make it home as the entire frame is made of lightweight and durable aluminum. If you do happen to be too worn-out to make it home, just call yourself a cab, fold the Standup and through it into the trunk.

One thing I didn’t mention about the Varibike is it’s four gear hub found at the front. What the heck I would need any gears on this remains a mystery. Wait, no It doesn’t. The gears are one of the ways this vehicle adjusts the amount a of resistance you experience while riding. While braking is offered in an old-school fashion by pressing the cover down onto the rear tire. But we also see a brake cable leading down to the front tire too.

Now, as weird as this bike-o-scooter looks and functions, the workout you’ll get from using this thing is simply phenomenal. Try doing those sorts of movements for more that 15-20 minutes and if you fell you can handle it, by all means try and grab one of these. From where? We don’t know, as the initial funding on Kickstarter failed to meet the company’s goal.
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