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Mercedes-Benz Trucks Extends Sideguard Assist Feature, Exciting Update Coming Up

Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ safety feature, Sideguard Assist (S1R), is now available for new-generation trucks as well, including the Actros, Arocs, and Actros F. The S1R tech was introduced in 2016 as a series-production feature, but starting this April, it can also be retrofitted on the newest models to support and promote road safety.
Safeguard Assist will be available for the new-generation Mercedes-Benz Trucks models as well. 1 photo
According to the company, since last year, over 600 Mercedes-Benz trucks were equipped post-production with Sideguard Assist, whether in the S1R form or as Sideguard Assist basic (an alternative for models where S1R can’t be retrofitted).

That proves that safety is one of the top priorities for customers, and rightfully so. Statistics show that most accidents that involve trucks occur when they are turning to the right, with serious consequences. That is why the company’s safety feature provides a multi-stage warning process precisely configured for right turns when the driver is facing the risk of not seeing pedestrians or cyclists in time.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks also announced that the current Safeguard Assist would soon be replaced with a new version meant to be even more helpful. The new Safeguard Assist (S1X) will be able to do more than simply warn the driver.

By integrating an automated function, it will be capable of initiating a braking maneuver when the truck is turning with a speed of up to 12 mph (20 kph), effectively bringing it to a halt. If the driver does not respond to the initial warning signals, the automatic function is activated, potentially saving lives.

The new Safeguard Assist (S1X) will replace the previous version on most Actros and Arocs trucks starting from June 2021.

Another important benefit of installing the Mercedes-Benz Trucks safety feature is that customers can benefit from state subsidies. Those who insure their truck or tractor through Mercedes-Benz Bank get a 15% discount when they install Sideguard Assist.

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