McLaren P1 GTR Shooting Brake Rendered as Insanely Practical Racecar

Given the kind of dazzling performance numbers they deliver, contemporary McLarens can be considered reasonably practical. However, it seems not everybody thinks so and the latest example of an aficionado who begs to differ is delivered by a digital artist.
McLaren P1 GTR Shooting Brake render 3 photos
McLaren P1 GTR Shooting Brake renderedMcLaren P1 GTR Shooting Brake rendered with short rear overhang
And when a pixel wielder has such an opinion, this is usually backed up be a rendering, which is exactly what we're here to show you.

We're talking about 1s and 0s reshaper Yasid Oozeear, who has come up with the contraption in the image above. By now, some of you have probably gotten used to renders turning supercars or hypercars into machines that can swallow plenty of luggage, but the image we have here is different and that's because it uses the GTR racecar incarnation of the Woking halo car as a starting point.

As shooting brake aficionados might point out, the [you can check out the somewhat unfortunate name of the contraption on its door] has a silhouette that makes it look more like a wagon with welded rear doors.

When a fan asked the artist about this topic, we were all treated with another render, this time showing the velocity monster with a considerably shorter rear overhang - you can find both incarnations of the McLaren P1 GTR Shooting Brake to your right.

Since the McLaren P1 GTR has been gifted with a road car conversion, handled by the British car producer's old racing partner, Lanzante Motorsport, perhaps the machine you're looking at could serve a dual purpose.

On the one hand, this could make for a brilliant emergency response vehicle during track events. On the other hand, it would deliver a perfect Grand Tourer experience, one allowing you to share the go-fast driving with your wife and offspring. Which means this FrankenLaren actually picks up where the F1 left off...


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