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McLaren 570S Challenges McLaren 12C to a Drag Race, Doesn't Regret It

Let's say you're the owner of a McLaren 12C and have taken your machine to a drag racing event. The driver of a 570S line up next to you, with his intentions being clear - should you be worried?
McLaren 570S Challenges McLaren 12C to a Drag Race 4 photos
McLaren 570S Challenges McLaren 12C to a Drag RaceMcLaren 570S Challenges McLaren 12C to a Drag RaceMcLaren 570S Challenges McLaren 12C to a Drag Race
Well, before answering that, we need to take a look at the figures, which means you'll have to prepare yourself for some on-paper racing.

First of all, we'll remind you that Woking used a complimentary power upgrade to early MP4-12C owners back in the day, which means the one we have here packs 625 hp.

As for the 570S, the nameplate of the mid-engined machine is enough to let us know we're looking at a machine that packs 570 ponies.

When it comes to the torque department, the two are identical, allowing the one behind the wheel to control no less than 600 Nm.

However, if we are to check out the power-to-weight ration, the 12C will surface as the better car, since it comes with 2.5 kilos per hp, while the 570S burdens each of its ponies with 2.7 kg.

Keep in mind that these supercars share their twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8, as well as the seven-speed dual-clutch tranny.

Given all the similarities, one wouldn't have to worry about any imbalance that might show up in a standing start drag race. However, the owners of the rear-wheel-drive heroes went for a rolling take-off.

The Maccas met on an airfield in Sweden and, despite the fact that the drivers had plenty of room to stretch the mechanical legs of their beasts, it does look like things could've been different if the race had been even longer.

Regardless, the McLaren 12C was used as the camera car, but the piece of footage that shows the race also allows us to get an exterior view on the matter, at least when it comes to the start.

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