LS3-Swapped Toyota MK4 Supra Might Be the Most Offensive JDM Car, but for a Good Reason

The most hated vehicles on the planet only exist on a list of failed mods. Add the Nissan Juke, Fiat Multipla, and Tesla (they are vandalized for a reason). But never in your wildest dreams would you think a Toyota MK4 Supra would exist on such a list, and for a good reason – it's an LS3-swap. Please feel free to spit-take.
LS3-swapped Toyota MK4 Supra 13 photos
LS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 SupraLS3-swapped Toyota MK4 Supra
David Patterson of ThatDudeInBlue, in a recent upload on his YouTube channel, featured and drove this Pro-level car owned Michael Elsea at the Midpond Road Course, Columbiana, Alabama.

"I am an idiot, as you can tell. Yes, it has an LS3 swap in it, and I am sorry, guys but don't worry, I have a surprise. I have a special treat coming up for you guys that we're going to do with the car," Elsea joked when asked to introduce his car.

There are several swaps that'll get a nod in the automotive circle. A V8-swapped Tesla is one of them. Rich Rebuilds, aka the Rogue Tesla mechanic, has done it, and you'll only need to visit his videos comments section to determine the approval rate.

Smokey Nagata did it but with the GT-R's legendary RB26 engine, and that, too, was borderline offensive to JDM lovers. But then again, the man behind the build is a legend and a speed violation specialist. That alone warrants him a lifetime pass to do whatever the h*ck he pleases.

But here's another dude. He's swapped the legendary 2JZ for an LS3. If there exists a list of the most hated men because of car mods in the world, Micheal Elsea will get a spot, and MK4 Supra purists will ensure it's engraved in stone.

"Michael's Supra is either the most hated imports in America or one of the best drifting ones. I'll let you decide. But getting into the Supra was very peculiar, hearing the rumble of the V8 and seeing a dashboard that I'm used to hearing a 2J behind," Patterson revealed about his first impressions of the LS3-swapped Supra.

The whole idea behind having tuner JDM cars on the track was to take out V8 muscle cars. For many tuners, Elsea took one step ahead and then three backward. His LS3-swapped Toyota Supra is hated and loved in equal measure.

That doesn't mean an LS3 engine doesn't have an approval rating among car lovers. If anything, it's one of the most swapped powerplants in tuner circles. The LS engine is a sort of antidote for underperformance.

Gearheads appreciate this V8 engine thanks to its compact layout, performance capability, and, last but not least – its exhaust symphony.

Tuners won't hesitate to slap an LS engine in a car they deem worthy but unreliable when it comes to performance. It's for that reason Elsea's swap gets a lot of hate. For many JDM lovers, the MK4 Supra is flawless and doesn't need revision.

As heartbreaking as this might seem to Supra purists, Elsea did the swap for a reason, and a good one – Pro-level drifting. We recommend watching the video below for some of that V8 rumbling and pro-level drifting action.

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