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Lexus Unveils Electric Sedan Concept and It’s Giving Off Some Really Cool Anime Vibes

If you had to draw a Lexus-badged battery electric sports sedan from scratch, you’d probably think of something overly elegant and angular, which describes pretty much all four-door models from Lexus. As it turns out, the real thing is like nothing most of us could have imagined. It’s a little weird, but definitely in a good way.
Lexus EV sedan concept 6 photos
Lexus EV sedan conceptLexus EV sedan conceptToyota and Lexus electric conceptsToyota and Lexus electric conceptsToyota and Lexus electric concepts
Lexus has always had a good relationship with sedan buyers. Even now, you can choose between three four-door models courtesy of the Japanese premium carmaker, in the IS sports sedan, ES mid-size sedan and the LS luxury sedan, the latter two also featuring hybrid technology – although you’ll have to wait until Spring of 2022 to get the LS Hybrid.

One thing all of these models have in common, actually, something all Lexus sedans (past and present) have in common is that none of them feature particularly sloping rooflines or very short overhangs.

Well, prepare to be blown away because this fully electric 4-door concept features both of those styling traits, which isn’t just weird for a Lexus, but for most car manufacturers. The concept looks like something out of a futuristic anime. It actually reminds us of those Porsche sedan renderings that people used to make before the Taycan came out: low, sporty, compact, next to nothing in the rear overhang department.

The front end is good looking enough, I reckon, but the rear we’re not sure. The arches do seem sufficiently “muscular”, which is always a good thing. The rear doors though? Unless space is really tight in the back, let’s just say it would be really nice if this car had a generously sized frunk.

Other interesting design traits include the flush door handles, and the refreshing absence of a large spindle grille, or a large anything for that matter. There aren’t any obtrusive elements, at least not on the outside.

Overall, if you change the headlights with something a little more Stuttgart-ish, you could definitely pass this concept off as a baby Taycan from a front ¾ angle. Oh wait, I got it! It looks as if a Porsche had a baby with a Polestar. Now that’s bold.


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