Let Honda Show You What 1/100th of a Second Means for Airbag Deployment

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Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
The Takata airbag recall has already made history, accounting for over 21 million cars worldwide and posing some serious questions about how safe these modules really are when it comes to protecting our lives. The slightest error in how they work could lead to serious injuries and even death.
That’s the point of the video posted below, courtesy of Honda and its current campaign advocating for OEM parts when it comes to servicing your car. Of course, everyone wants to use the best parts for their ride but what if even those aren’t good enough.

Manufacturers are using third party companies to get a lot of parts that actually go into making the automobiles. Most of the time, they just send the schematics over and then they simply pay for the part because it is cheaper and easier to do it this way than to have a factory for every part on a car. It has been so for decades.

So when Honda is asking you to buy OEM parts, what is it really saying? Let’s take a look at the airbag example. Not too long ago it was discovered that Honda withheld information from the US government concerning an investigation about the safety hazards posed by the Takata modules that are now being recalled.

As it turns out, Honda is using the products from the now disgraced company. So, if you were to buy an OEM airbag, you’d be going with Takata. How safe does that make you feel?

It doesn't really make sense now, does it? Especially after the whole scandal that took place last year. The thing is, this video was released back in 2013 originally, way before the Takata name rose to unwanted fame. It's actually funny how the Honda campaign is now turning against its own maker but it's also tragic, showing what carefully planned PR campaigns can do to the unsuspecting customers.

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