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Jamah's Motorcar Collection of Bespoke Handbags Is Designed to Reflect Supercar Luxury

Although Nancy Gale currently doesn’t own a car, the luxury handbag designer has come up with the idea to create bespoke carryalls that would match and complement high-end vehicles, from iconic classics to modern supercars.
Jamah's Motorcar Collection 10 photos
Jamah's Motorcar CollectionJamah's Motorcar CollectionJamah's Motorcar CollectionJamah's Motorcar CollectionJamah's Motorcar CollectionJamah's Motorcar CollectionJamah's Motorcar CollectionJamah's Motorcar CollectionJamah's Motorcar Collection
The fact that she doesn’t have a car on her name at the moment doesn’t mean she is a stranger to the automotive world, Far from that, actually. Nancy Gale hails from Detroit, the cradle and heart of the American automotive industry, also dubbed the Motor City, and she has crossed paths with the motoring world on several occasions, having driven at Thermal and participated in the Robb Report’s California Coastal Rally. So we could say she is an insider in the world of exceptional cars.

“Living in Detroit as a young girl, I was always obsessed with cars and fascinated that we had this incredible vision for design in the Motor City,” Gale says.

Through her Jamah handbag brand, which she founded in 2000, Gale has reinstated the meaning of luxury by creating unique, handcrafted totes, men’s bags, as well as accessories that have piqued the interest of Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie, and Jessica Alba.

Jamah’s new car culture-inspired handbag lineup is called Motorcar Collection and includes commissioned pieces that cost between $7,500 and $50,000, depending on the intricacies of each model.

Gale’s encounter with Peter Nam, the CEO of Gunther Werks, a well-known automotive company that reimagines Porsche cars, is what sparked the idea behind Jamah’s new collection. Nam asked Gale for a handbag to match his remastered Porsche 993, and that’s how the Frankie Porsche Edition came to be.

Later on, automotive collector Bill H. Lyon also commissioned a purse to match the livery of his 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2, one of just 11 of its model ever built. Gale made the custom bag from anaconda skin to reflect the Visconti serpent on the Alfa Romeo badge, and dyed it a vivid vermillion with a yellow left side panel.

These are just two examples of bespoke handbags included in the Motorcar Collection, but every piece is unique, capturing the essence of the clients’ cars and reflecting their sense of luxury. Right now, Gale is working with EV manufacturer Faraday Future on another bespoke design.

The Motorcar Collection was shown to the world at the Quail, a Motorsports Gathering, in August.

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