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Maserati Brings Eco-Handbag Made of Ancient Car Brochures

In case you like rare and ridiculous handbags and happen to be a lady whose hormones go off at the sound of any Maserati model as a study shows, there are high chances that you are going to be nuts about the following product.

According to carscoop, the luxury car maker has partnered with Momaboma, an Italian firm that creates unique handbags and accessories exclusively out of vintage materials like old newspapers, magazines and clothes, to create the most amazing handbag in the history of... Maserati bags.

What makes the handbag unique is that it's entirely made of old brochures with Maserati models found in the Italian automaker's archives. In other words, the handbag is made of... old, not useful Maserati papers. But it seems that Maserati wants to stay green at least when it comes to bags, so the luxury handbag follows the eco trend as well, being 100 percent environmentally-friendly. And because no "luxury" thing is produced in large quantities, only 150 copies of the hand-made eco-bag have been manufactured.

Ladies who are interested in adding this accessory to their collection of rare handbags should pay £130 (nearly $190) for this Maserati-Momaboma product.

And since we're speaking about ladies who like Maserati vehicles, we remind you that a study ordered by the Italian automaker and made by the British insurance company Hiscox showed that the sound of Maserati cars produces a significant hormonal increase at women.

We wonder if they had this specific aspect in mind when they thought of coming up with a handbag made of... Maserati trash. Extremely likely...


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