Italian-Made Issimo 45 S-Pedelec Boasts a Throttle and an Award-Winning Frame Design

Italian two-wheeler manufacturer Fantic rolled out its Issimo line as a more sustainable and convenient urban mobility solution. Up until now, customers could choose between the Issimo Urban and Issimo Fun, both of them awarded for their catchy, unique, and customizable design. Now the company expands its e-mobility range with the new Issimo 45, advertised as the first S-Pedelec on the market with a throttle. The vehicle can be used with either just the pedals, just the throttle, or by combining the pedal assist with the accelerator.
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Issimo 45 S-PedelecIssimo 45 S-PedelecIssimo 45 S-PedelecIssimo 45 S-PedelecIssimo 45 S-PedelecIssimo 45 S-Pedelec
The new addition to the Issimo family looks just as sleek and appealing as its siblings but brings more power to the table. It features the same award-winning, Fantic-designed, die-cast aluminum frame with intertwined tubes, offering the best compromise between style and safety. There are three colors available for the frame: white, black, and silver, and 10 covers that allow you to further customize the wheeler. You can opt for transparent or opaque covers, in a wide range of colors.

Just like the Issimo Urban and Issimo Fun, the Issimo 45 also comes with a shock-absorbing fork with 80 mm of travel, to ensure you can enjoy smooth, bumpless rides, regardless of the terrain.
The Issimo 45 S-Pedelec has 180 mm disc brakes on both front and the rear and is equipped with fat, 20” x 4” tires.

Fantic’s electric moped offers several operating modes that can be chosen from the display on the handlebar: road (which allows you to reach the highest speed), hill (for maximum torque uphill), zero (allows you to use the two-wheeler with no electric assistance), and walk assist (so you can walk with the vehicle in places where riding is prohibited, without having to push it).

The new, S-Pedelec version of the Issimo packs a 500W Bafang motor with a maximum torque of 120 Nm. Issimo 45 can hit a top speed of 45 kph (28 mph) and is powered by a 600 Wh battery that offers ranges of up to 50 km (31 miles) per charge with the included battery or 100 km (62 miles) per charge with a second, optional battery.

Fantic sells its new Issimo 45 electric two-wheeler from €3,590 ($3,672).

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