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Alfa Romeo Planning Large Luxury Car for the U.S., Has Yet to Decide Where to Make It

Alfa Romeo is flourishing under the Stellantis era. They already have a new product in their portfolio, the Tonale, which slots under the premium compact Stelvio in their high-riding vehicle family, and now they are looking to expand the offering in the upper segment with a new luxury cruiser.
Alfa Romeo - Rendering 10 photos
Alfa Romeo - RenderingAlfa Romeo - RenderingAlfa Romeo - RenderingAlfa Romeo - RenderingAlfa Romeo - RenderingAlfa Romeo - RenderingAlfa Romeo - RenderingAlfa Romeo - RenderingAlfa Romeo - Rendering
An executive car to rival the likes of the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class seems like the obvious choice. Either that or a challenger for the X5 and GLE, respectively, though it might not exactly be a large SUV in that vein, according to the brand’s head honcho, Jean-Philippe Imparato.

As a matter of fact, they have yet to decide on whether it will be a crossover, an SUV, or a sedan, or perhaps a mix, similar to Toyota’s brand-new Crown, or the Peugeot 408. “Our offer for a large size vehicle must fit international markets, American, Chinese, European,” Imparato said last Friday, quoted by Reuters.

The Italian automaker still has enough time to decide on the direction the new vehicle will take, as a decision will be taken before the end of the year, Alfa Romeo’s chief said, adding that “we want to find the right mix.” And even though it will target the United States primarily, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will assemble it in the NAFTA region.

Expected to launch in our market in 2027, one thing is certain: Alfa Romeo’s upcoming luxury cruiser will be all-electric. Why is that? Simply because the brand plans to go down the zero-emission route exclusively by that year. Thus, in all likelihood, it will launch with several powertrain choices, and since it will be an important product for the company, we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a sporty derivative too that will target enthusiasts, similar to the ICE-powered Quadrifoglio models.

Editor's note: Renderings courtesy of Giacomo Dionisi on Behance.


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