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Striking Specter 1 Speed Pedelec Is Built Like a Supercar: Low in Weight and High on Tech

Belgian-made Specter 1 speed pedelec (s-pedelec) is not a wheeler to go unnoticed. Its futuristic design is guaranteed to turn heads and things get even better when you hop on it and take it for a ride.
Specter 1 Speed Pedelec 9 photos
Specter 1 s-pedelecSpecter 1 s-pedelecSpecter 1 s-pedelecSpecter 1 s-pedelecSpecter 1 s-pedelecSpecter 1 s-pedelecSpecter 1 s-pedelecSpecter 1 s-pedelec
The Belgian company that created this electric bike takes pride in designing and manufacturing its own components and software, keeping supply chains short as much as possible, and making no compromises in terms of quality. Specter 1 is touted as the most energy-efficient s-pedelec on the market, one that is fun to ride, fast, and built like a supercar: low in weight and high on technology.

What strikes you at first glance is the aerodynamic design of the bike, which features a very ultralight carbon frame that is also strong and dynamic. The entire vehicle tips the scales at 19.8 kg (43.6 lb).
As standard, Specter 1 is available in four colors: gray, green, silver, and black, but you can also pay extra for a custom color. The pedelec is also configurable in terms of size and drivetrain. You can choose between small, medium, and large sizes, with the former being suitable for riders shorter than 175 cm (5.7 ft) and the latter for riders taller than 187 cm (6.1 ft).

Specter 1 is equipped with a belt drive and packs a 700W motor with 100 Nm of torque. But you can upgrade it to a 730W Performance one with 112 Nm of torque. The average range of the Specter 1 is approximately 60 km (37 miles) on a charge thanks to the 750 Wh removable battery, but you can squeeze up to 110 km (68 miles), depending on the motor and drive mode you opt for. Customers can also pay for an additional battery to double the range of the bike.

As for the speed of the Specter 1, the s-pedelec qualifies as a moped in Europe, boasting a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph) with the electric assist.

Tech-wise, Specter 1 comes with an integrated cockpit. The large HD with crisp graphics offers 4G and WiFi connection and displays everything such as the ride modes and vehicle settings, or it can be used for turn-by-turn navigation.

Specter 1 hasn’t hit the market just yet, but it is available to preorder. However, as you can imagine, it’s not exactly budget-friendly, starting at €8,250 ($8,620) with taxes not included. Deliveries are scheduled to start this September.

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