Isuzu Electrifies Logistics With the NRR EV Low Cab Forward Truck

Isuzu decided it shouldn't wait any longer to release more details about its all-electric Class 5 truck. Meet the 2025 NRR EV, a zero-tailpipe emission vehicle that will enable businesses to haul stuff around without worrying about fuel costs.
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Since gas is again $6 per gallon in some parts of the US, reducing our dependency on crude oil derivates is a great medium-term strategy to stabilize the economy. The US cannot control the price of black gold globally, so when OPEC and its friends decide to play with the output, we all experience a slight disruption. In this inflationary environment, that's not something anyone wants.

Distribution of goods cannot happen without big vehicles and truck drivers, but it can occur without burning fossil fuels. Tesla's Semi, for example, proved that potent Class 8 trucks can replace traditional haulers. PepsiCo is still testing it out and crunching the numbers to figure out just how cost-effective it would be to electrify its entire fleet. Still, things look promising.

But brands like Amazon have already begun cutting back on gas and diesel consumption. The Rivian EDV is enabling the e-commerce giant's drivers to deliver packages without using a drop of fuel.
However, shipping goods that need to be refrigerated or other types of bulk products that cannot fit in a van require a bigger vehicle. That's where the 2025 Isuzu NRR EV jumps in.

Typically, sending stuff from a warehouse to various businesses situated in urban areas is done with a Class 4, Class 5, or Class 6 truck. The Isuzu fits right in the middle.

The Japanese brand says the NRR EV will boast a gross vehicle weight rating of 19,500 lb and have wheelbases ranging from 132.5 to 176 in. Isuzu wants to make sure its new electric truck can fit the specific transport needs of its customers.

There will be four Li-ion battery options; the largest will enable a manufacturer-rated range of up to 235 miles. The 140- and 180-kWh energy storage units can only be installed on the longest NRR EV.

A 100-kWh pack of cells will be available for trucks ordered with 150 in and 132.5 in wheelbases, while the smallest 60-kWh high-voltage battery is available for all wheelbase options.

DC (CCS Combo 1) and AC (J1772) charging will be standard, which makes the NRR EV ideal for any commercial entity. Prospective buyers won't have to invest in pricey DC dispensers. They can just increase the number of traditional outlets and allow the trucks to replenish their batteries overnight. Charging takes 5.5 hours for the 60-kWh energy storage unit, while the largest needs 10 hours.

The NRR EV will also be available with an advanced driver-assistance system that includes lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

Pricing has not been disclosed yet, but Isuzu pointed out that the NRR EV would benefit from Roadside assistance and exclusive finance programs.
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 Download: 2025 Isuzu NRR EV Brochure (PDF)

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