Is a Wrapped Tesla Model 3 the New Ultimate Flex for Gen-Z Car Buyers?

The Tesla Model 3 is a car that's transcended the industry and become something much more than just another EV. These days, the Model 3 is a cultural icon.
Tesla Model 3 Wrapped 9 photos
Photo: Benny Kirk
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But what is the strapping young Model 3 buyer to do modification-wise if so much of what we're used to isn't possible on an EV? Well, if you're the gracious owner of this Model 3 who allowed us a brief test drive, a great place to start is with a bitchin body wrap. In a world where Tesla can ban you from supercharging systems or chastise you for trying to buy so much as a wheel-nut cover, a custom wrap is a modification that even Elon Musk would have a hard time penalizing you for.

The Model 3 in question in this application is wrapped in a stunning gloss-metallic mysterious indigo by Avery Dennison. While it may not pop in quite the same way over photographs as in real life, the overall aesthetic harkens back to the plum-crazy purple that's become iconic in classic Mopar vehicles. Except, the Model 3 would almost assuredly gap any of those cars.

The owner of the Model 3, who wished to remain anonymous, says he works in the insurance industry as his first major career after graduating from college. In the past, young adults with money in their pockets for the first time in their lives would flex on their friends with Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, and Pontiac Firebirds.

Tesla Model S Wrapped
Photo: Benny Kirk
As showing off goes, those were some of the all-time greats. But in 2021, could it be that the biggest flex a young person can show is not a muscle car, but a custom-wrapped Tesla? What strange and confusing times we live in these days.

As you can see in the slideshow above, the owner decided only to wrap the vehicle's exterior and leave the interior door, trunk, and frunk linings in the OEM white paint color. Some might call this lame, a half-measure or whatnot. But tell us, when you're a hustling young 20-something, do you really have the time, inclination, or the money to devote to that? We have student loans to pay, and sometimes we need to make sacrifices to make ends meet.

That said, it's not like this was some on-a-budget botch job, and the wrap still clings to the surface of the paint exactly how it should. Not for nothing, but with the doors and hatches closed, this is a creation that will catch nearly as many heads as a supercar on the mean streets of any city.

Tesla Model S Wrapped
Photo: Benny Kirk
But can a silent electric car actually generate as much buzz as a V8 Mustang did almost six decades ago? In all honesty, people's priorities have shifted vastly over half a century. How a vehicle sounds is still important in terms of any car's appeal, there's no arguing that. But it's just an objective fact that other factors have since taken significant precedence in the minds of Gen-Z first-time car buyers. Factors that Tesla was all too willing to take advantage of. Besides, it doesn't really matter what other people think.

Believe us when we say it wasn't easy for petrolheads to warm up to the idea of EVs. But one stomp of your right foot on the accelerator is generally all it takes for gearheads to warm up to the idea. The added bling on the car's exterior is just gravy on top of a meal that goes down real easy. Besides, the Model 3 is faster than most loud and obnoxious sports sedans.

Many thanks to the owner of this one-of-a-kind Model 3. But tell us, as far as flexes on four wheels, would you take this over a mid-60s Mustang? Let us know in the show-notes down below.
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