Innovative ElectroAcoustic Panels Make In-Car Audio Systems Lighter and More Eco-Friendly

When we think of car speakers, most of us get the same picture in our minds. But what if I told you there might be a more efficient and eco-friendly solution for speakers? As the company says, Warwick Acoustics is leading a ‘clean sound revolution’ with its innovative ElectroAcoustic Panel technology.
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Warwick Acoustics is an audio technology company based in Warwick, UK. One of their products is the Electrostatic Loudspeaker – it’s currently being commercialized after the R&D and product development phases. Thanks to a series of fully subscribed funding rounds, Warwick Acoustics is investing heavily in talent and state-of-the-art facilities to support its development plans.

The automotive industry is experiencing a rapid transition to electrification and life cycle sustainability. Warwick Acoustics’ ElectroAcoustic Panels align with this eco-friendly shift – they’re made 100% out of mass-upcycled and recyclable materials. You won't find any unsustainable rare earth metals in the product, like you do in conventional speakers. So, the eco-friendly box is ticked. But how do they actually innovate?

Compared to standard audio technology, the ElectroAcoustic Panels are 90% lighter and also use 90% less power. Moreover, the fact that they take the form of panels means that manufacturers can enjoy more interior design and packaging freedom. The audio system becomes a design feature instead of a compromise that has to be accommodated.

A unique feature of the ElectroAcoustic Panels is that they can be manufactured as ‘A' surface panels and trim. They can be produced in almost any shape, so car designers have many ways of incorporating the product, such as highlighting it or hiding it behind a range of acoustically transparent surfaces.

After all, no matter how eco-friendly and design-friendly they are, the crucial bit is for them to sound good and create a pleasant experience for all those on board. The ElectroAcoustic Panels tech is already proven in the company’s patented Electrostatic luxury headphones. They became known for their immersive sound quality and have been granted more than 30 global awards.

Lightweight, thin film membranes are paired with built-in broadband audio amplifiers to deliver superior audio reproduction. Furthermore, the ElectroAcoustic Panels boast an exceptional ability to accurately create anti-noise signals. Together with the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) software algorithms, Warwick Acoustics’ technology delivers high-quality in-cabin noise cancellation.

This year, Warwick Acoustics is targeting a 50% increase of the in-house team to support the substantial commercial pipeline under development. The company is headquartered at a new high-tech facility at MIRA Technology Park, Warwickshire, which is Europe’s largest automotive R&D center and proving ground.

That’s where engineers have already started installing ElectroAcoustic Panel-based systems into demonstration vehicles analyzing their efficiency, impact on the weight of the car, and the overall cabin acoustics.
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