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If You Destroy Your Mini Mate Camper, Don't Feel Bad, It's Only $4K: Effective Simplicity
Sure, it may be a little late in the glamping season to show you a tent camper, but honestly, this one is so dang basic, so light, and so cheap that I couldn't help myself. Get ready for bare minimum camping and then a tad more.

If You Destroy Your Mini Mate Camper, Don't Feel Bad, It's Only $4K: Effective Simplicity

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Folks, Kompact Kamp is a crew I've recently run across, but this family-owned business has officially been around since 1982 and is now being managed by the second generation of the family. Considering they've been on the market for this long and staying relatively low-key while doing so, there's something they have to be doing right. Well, that brings us to the Mini Mate camper, the mobile habitat we'll be living out of today, if only in our minds.

Now, to imagine you own a Mini is not hard at all. Hell, with a starting price of just $3,985 (€4,055 at current exchange rates), you won't need to cut back on too many restaurant outings. Come to think of it, all the money you'll be saving on purchasing this low-budget habitat, you can use to fill up your truck's, wait, no, your motorcycle's gas tank. Yes, these little trinkets are light enough to be towed behind a motorcycle, and it doesn't don't need to be a powerful one, either.

Because the Mini's shell is built out of nothing more than fiberglass, some tent canvas, and an independent rubber torsion suspension and wheels, owners are looking at nothing more than a trailer that weighs 260 pounds (118 kilograms), dry. Oh, it'll only exert 25 pounds (11 kilograms) of weight onto your hitch. I'm sorry, I think I've made a mistake saying that you can use a motorcycle to tow this along; I believe some e-bikes can handle this much weight, even more. Heck, I think I could devise a little harness for myself, strap in, and start jogging to my destination with my home closely behind. Sure, it's a little farfetched, but you get the point.

Once you finally make it out to that X on your life map, you must find a nice flat place to stabilize your unit, unhitch it, and in two minutes' time, you'll be looking at your temporary abode for two traveling guests. Honestly, if you're the sort of outdoor lover that doesn't need much during summer nights, this trinket could be perfect. With LED lights, cushions, and carpeting, the camper is complete. Well, almost.

As I explored this tiny creation, I realized that Kompact Kamp seems to be building these campers based on quite the outdoor and mobile lifestyle experience. What I mean to say is that not only will you have a place to lay your head to rest, but you'll also have access to 15 cubic feet (0.4 cubic meters) of storage space. Yes, there's room for your shoes, clothing, food and drinks, and possibly some tools and gear, just in case. Considering that images in the gallery showcase these buggers with a set of roof-top mounted bars, I'm sure you can bring along a few more things, if you wish, within functioning limits.

Funny enough, as I explored all that makes up the Mini Mate, it dawned on me that you can order one of these buggers from the manufacturer, and before you know it, it's been delivered to your front door or driveway. Yes, it will cost you extra to receive it like this, but how many people have you met that can say, "Hey, I got my camper in the mail." Sounds a tad ridiculous, but owners of Mini Mates have reported pulling these buggers along for 20,000 miles and going strong. Not ridiculous at all.

Sure, it lacks a bunch of home-like comforts most folks look for in a camper, but this habitat isn't for most folks; it's a traveling companion that keeps things as simple as possible. I don't need to mention that price tag again, do I?

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of custom Mini Mate campers.


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