Huge Classic Car Collection Is Loaded With Rare Gems and Unique Vehicles

Did you ever see a Shelby Cobra, and Renault 5 Turbo, a Jaguar E-Type, and a "dragon car" all in one place? I'm pretty sure the answer is no because only a few collections are diverse enough to include classics that are so different. On top of that, the "dragon car" you're probably dying to learn more about is as unique as they get.
Michael Frohlich's classic car collection 9 photos
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Michael Frohlich's classic car collectionMichael Frohlich's classic car collectionMichael Frohlich's classic car collectionMichael Frohlich's classic car collectionMichael Frohlich's classic car collectionMichael Frohlich's classic car collectionMichael Frohlich's classic car collectionMichael Frohlich's classic car collection
The collection you're about to see below belongs to Michael Frohlich, a classic car dealer in Dusseldorf, Germany. And yes, I'm not going to keep you hanging, he built himself a unique vehicle that's intriguing, to say the least. He calls it the "dragon car" and it's pretty much a 1930s-inspired coupe with body panels made out of polished scales and spikes.

It also has a dragon's head for a radiator grille, while smaller dragons adorn each of the four fenders. I have strong doubts that this contraption is road-legal, but it's so ridiculous that it's cool. And is it just me or is the car's overall shape very similar to the iconic Bugatti Atlantic?

Fantasy vehicles aside, Michael has amassed an impressive number of rare classics, most of which are parked inside a building that houses both a showroom and a repair shop. One such car is the 1988 Porsche 911 Speedster that stands in front of the entrance. It's part of the first run of 911-based Speedsters and one of only 2,013 ever built (one of 1,942 if we take the Turbo-style widebody into account).

If you're into BMWs, this stash also includes quite a few pre-1990 models. To me, the highlight is the E3-generation 2500 with only 55,000 miles (88,514 km) on the odometer. But he also owns a Renault 5 Turbo, a pair of Shelby Cobras, which are very scarce in Europe, and a long list of Jaguars, including XK120s and E-Types.

But none of these British sports cars are as intriguing as the Bentley S1 convertible that shows up at the 7:00-minute mark. Because it's not a regular two-door drop-top. This Bentley was customized into a full-blown speedster, just like the 911 I mentioned earlier. Flying buttresses and two-seat layout included.

And right next to it, there's a 1955 Studebaker President Speedster. If you're not familiar with this car, it was built in very limited numbers for only one model year. Because it was about 25% more expensive than the regular President coupe, the Speedster was sold in only 2,215 units that year. And no, it wasn't actually a speedster convertible but it came with really cool two- and three-tone paint jobs.

The example you see here, which might just be one of only a handful that made it to Europe, is a stunning example in pink and purple. And apparently, it's for sale, but I can't see the five-figure sticker in the window.

The collection includes a few more cars that are parked outside, many of the barn-found variety. You'll see three first-generation Ford Mustangs, a nice Volkswagen Microbus, tens of Jaguars and Rolls-Royces, and an old Mercedes-Benz G-Class. And yet another unique car pops up at the 23:00-minute mark in the form of an Aston Martin pickup.

This hauler is a bit of a mystery, but it comes with a badge that says "Carbodies Coventry England," which means it's either an aftermarket conversion or a clone based on a different car. My bet is on the latter, but it's still a cool rig. Hopefully, it will get restored along with all the other vehicles parked outside. Check them all out in the video below.

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