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How to Use the New Remote-Controlled Parking Assist for the 2021 VW Touareg

Since modern mid-sized SUVs are not that easy to maneuver in urban environments, Volkswagen comes to the aid of Touareg owners, offering a new remote parking function to get in and out of narrow spaces using nothing but a smartphone to control the vehicle.
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2021 VW Touareg2021 VW Touareg2021 VW Touareg2021 VW Touareg2021 VW TouaregVW Remote Park Assist Plus appVW Remote Park Assist Plus app
Before you ask, no, VW did not beat every carmaker in the world in the race to create a fully autonomous vehicle, and although this feature might be mind-blowing to some, it’s far from being unique in the automotive industry.

Nevertheless, it is an extremely helpful addition for owners of the imposing SUV. The official moniker of the new feature is “Park Assist with Remote Control Assist System,” which sounds awful in English but works like a charm.

At the core of the system stands the conventional Park Assist, which is still available for the Touareg and enables semi-automatic parking in accessible spaces that the SUV detects.

Like similar assists from other manufacturers, the vehicle takes control of the steering while the driver controls acceleration and braking.

Volkswagen takes this assist to the next level by adding remote control support to this system and allowing the Touareg to take full control and park automatically.

The feature operates in two ways; the driver can remain seated inside the vehicle and operate the system from there or get out of the car and use a smartphone app to control the parking sequence.

In both situations, the vehicle takes full control and gets in and out of any kind of parking space with a single press of a button.

The first operational mode, where the driver remains seated, is very similar to the ‘standard’ park assist. The person that sits in the driver’s seat must activate the parking search option by tapping P on the infotainment system display.

As soon as the Touareg detects one or multiple suitable spaces, it displays them on the main screen and the driver must select one.

On the digital cockpit the “Depress the brake and press and hold the button or select Park Assist with remote control” message will be displayed, and to initiate the parking sequence, the driver must select the first option, then press and hold the “Drive” button (P AUTO) located on the central console, under the gear knob.

The SUV will now take control of the steering system and engine to park itself without the need for additional input.

The second operational mode requires the same pre-parking steps to be taken but after the message is displayed on the digital instrument display, they can select the second option, get out and initiate the parking sequence remotely, using the VW Remote Park Assist Plus app.

The Drive button is available in the app and, just like the first mode, drivers must tap and hold the button for the entire duration of the maneuver. Once the button is released, the vehicle stops instantaneously.

In situations where owners can’t squeeze into their vehicles, the same app can be used to start the car and get it out of the tight space.

This can be done by taping the START/ENGINE/STOP button and all the available maneuvers will be displayed on the smartphone screen. Once one is selected, the driver must hold the Drive button until the Touareg is out of the parking space or garage.

The technology used for this very useful feature comprises twelve ultrasound sensors and the four cameras of the Area View 360-degree system. They are placed on the windscreen, exterior mirrors, and trunk lid.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is not a revolutionary feature but that does not diminish its usefulness. It is a welcomed addition to a large vehicle, but the major drawback is that the app is only available for select Apple devices with iOS 13 or higher.


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