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How To Ruin a Perfectly Fine Nissan GT-R in Just a Few Simple Steps

We thought that after many years of doing this work, nothing would surprise us anymore. But, boy, we were wrong, as pretty much every time we open a new tab and type Reddit – ‘bad’ car mods, we feel mentally violated.
Nissan GT-R Cheese Grater Edition 6 photos
Nissan GT-R Cheese Grater EditionNissan GT-R Cheese Grater EditionNissan GT-R Cheese Grater EditionNissan GT-R Cheese Grater EditionNissan GT-R Cheese Grater Edition
That’s exactly where we found this Nissan GT-R, or what used to be one at least before its owner went bananas on the extras.

Probably a fan of the modern-day huge grille design, the person whose name is written on the dotted line decided to give it a lot of such parts, turning it into a real-life glitch.

Thus, the whole back end of the car was ‘decorated’ with what seem to be Toyota Camry grilles. Basically every body panel has received some sort of eye-disturbing aftermarket piece, including the wheel arches, front fenders, which also feature what appear to be additional side mirrors, and roof.

The three-quarter windows and rear windscreen have even more grilles on them, and the exterior is rounded off by reflectors and various stickers.

However, since we cannot see the front end (if you’re aware of such pics, please feel free to share them in the comments section), it might have other bits and bobs that really make it a ‘shi**y car mod’.

Apparently registered somewhere in an Asian country, as per the partially-hidden rear license plate, and spotted at a gas station, the car reminds us of another Nissan GT-R whose owner turned to a Honda Civic to source the rear bumper.

Over fenders, big side skirts, cheese graters on the rear windows, and lots of stickers have maimed the styling of that ride born in the Land of the Rising Sun, which has the drag coefficient of a carved brick, yet it still pales in comparison to the one shared in the image gallery above.


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