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Honda Civic Type R Pickup Rendering Is a Weird Twist on Nurburgring Record

Back in 2016, over 1,000 Ram pickups lapped the Nurburgring track to set another kind of Green Hell record. Of course, the attempt didn't get as much attention as the new front-wheel drive time blitz by the Civic Type R: 7 minutes and 43.8 seconds.
Honda Civic Type R Pickup Rendering Is a Weird Twist on Nurburgring Record 1 photo
That time is just five seconds slower than the M4 CS, and BMW is well known for one of the few pickup truck conversions in the business. And when you cross the M3 Pickup April Fools joke and the Type R, you get something like what we have here.

Hungarian Photoshop aficionado X-Tomi Design took the fastest-looking photo of the Civic Type R and made it weird... very weird. The photo just screams "unlikely" to you, like the articles about giant aliens in Moai that you weird uncle keeps sending you. But if Honda ever builds something like this, people won't stop talking about it for years

Seeing a hot hatch turned into a pickup truck is like dating a cute girl with turrets cursing or biting down on a juicy burger and chipping your tooth on some bone - not a good surprise.

What do you render when you need to transport your chickens from Bridge to Gantry in under eight minutes? A Civic Type R pickup, that's what!

The new Type R has some cutting edge Honda design, looking like it's been sculpted only with a Japanese chef knife. But the pickup bed has as much sportiness as a 4XL track suit.

Still, this would be one of the easiest cars to turn into a pickup truck, as all the 320 horsepower from the 2.0L VTEC Turbo engine goes to the front wheels. And ironically, the older model Civics are often converted into pickups... because people are weird that way. Maybe this rendering can serve as inspiration for the next Mighty Car Mods build.


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