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Highly Anticipated Android Auto Update Is Now Available for All Users

Android Auto has just received another major update in the stable channel, with users therefore allowed to download it right now from the Google Play Store.
The modern Android Auto UI 6 photos
The new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UI
With this update, the app reaches version 7.7, but worth knowing is the rollout in the Google Play Store takes place gradually. In other words, not everybody is getting it on day one, so if you want to download this version right away, the best way to do it is to turn to the stand-alone APK installer available here.

As for what’s new in Android Auto 7.7 stable, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is this update resolves a long-time bug that makes it impossible for Samsung Galaxy S22 users to run Android Auto. Launched earlier this year as a high-end device, the Galaxy S22 was unable to handle Android Auto properly, and users ended up experiencing either various crashes or a black screen on launch.

This update is believed to include a highly anticipated fix specifically aimed at Samsung’s latest flagship, though we’re still seeing reports that Android Auto is yet to be 100 percent reliable on the Galaxy S22 even after this update.

The bad news is that Android Auto 7.7 does not enable the Coolwalk makeover. Announced by Google at its developer conference only a few weeks ago, the Coolkwalk update brings a split-screen mode to Android Auto, therefore making it possible to run multiple apps side-by-side even on smaller screens.

Inspired by the CarPlay dashboard, this new mode is projected to launch at some point in the summer, so for the time being, there’s no specific ETA as to when this is projected to happen. One thing is certain, though. Android Auto 7.7 does include the code for Coolwalk, but the new UI isn’t yet visible for users, with Google currently remaining tight-lipped on an ETA on this front.


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