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Android Auto? More Like Lagdroid Auto, Users Claim

It’s not a secret there’s a lot to fix in Android Auto, and bugs come and go, sometimes even without an official fix.
Not even a flagship Android phone guarantees a flawless experience on AA 6 photos
The new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UI
But as far as Samsung Galaxy S22 users are concerned, the experience so far with Android Auto has been quite a mess.

Galaxy S22 is one of the most expensive Android devices currently on the market, and as a flagship, its price in the top-of-the-range configuration gets close to $1,500. It’s therefore not a surprise that users expect nothing but a flawless experience on all fronts, including on Android Auto.

However, many Galaxy S22 owners discovered the hard way that their phone failed to run Android Auto. The glitch was silently fixed only a few weeks ago in the latest beta update for Android Auto, so when the stable version goes live, this bug should be gone forever.

But now, it looks like the same phone is struggling with a sluggish experience on Android Auto.

User reports online, including here on Google’s discussion boards, indicate that whenever the phone is connected to a head unit to run Android Auto, the lag is so significant that it’s nearly impossible to do anything on the screen. This means running the likes of Google Maps and Spotify is obviously impossible, all due to the lag that affects every single action.

The problem doesn’t seem to be fixed in Android Auto 7.7, so there’s a chance this isn’t related to the original glitch that caused a black screen with a Galaxy S22.

Someone has apparently discovered a fix, and it comes down to removing all power restrictions for Android Auto. If you want to try this, just toggle the battery settings for the app to Unrestricted.

At this point, Google is yet to acknowledge this error, so it remains to be seen if a fix is coming and whether Galaxy S22 owners have any chance to ever experience a flawless Android Auto anytime soon.


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