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Harvok's Indestructible and All-Electric Powerbank Campers Usher In the New Age of RVing
What does it mean for an RV to be completely self-sustaining? For most manufacturers, it means adding countless systems that can do it all on their own. For one manufacturer, Harvok, it means designing an off-road and off-grid travel trailer that needs nothing more than the power of the Sun and a tad of water to work its magic.

Harvok's Indestructible and All-Electric Powerbank Campers Usher In the New Age of RVing

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Folks, I recently ran across Harvok, and in doing so, I received a proverbial slap in the face. I should have known that I was up against a different kind of machine because Harvok is an Australian crew, and if you build a camper for those lands, you know darn well it's ready to keep you alive and kicking no matter what happens outside.

Well, as I explored the Powerbank Family Van, I was blown away by the level of attention that was poured into each unit. This ensures that future customers and lovers of the off-grid game have everything they need to be happy and even come back for subsequent purchases; that's if you manage to blow this thing up with dynamite. It's basically what it's going to take to destroy a Powerbank.

Now, a few Powerbank models are available to the public, but the Family Van is the most fitting for larger groups. Other than that, the models are quite similar in that they offer the same capabilities and ease of use. Let's dive deeper and experience a few days with a Powerbank.

As I mentioned, this is the sort of travel trailer built to endure the harsh landscapes of Australia, and if it can perform there, it can survive anywhere. An anti-corrosion chassis, tandem axle, and four twin nitro gas shock absorbers set up on an independent suspension are what you can look forward to. How about an 84-inch (213-centimeter) chassis raiser, Hitchmaster coupling, and electric off-road brakes? And that's just the start of all this magic.

What really makes the Powerbank pop is its innate ability to feed every electrical system infused into the shell and living space. First off, I need to direct your attention to the massive array of solar panels that sit on top of this unit. Yup, that's 1,000 watts of marine-grade equipment, and with a patented SPM system, all that power will feed your electric fridge/freezer, washing machine, AC, and induction cooktop. Best of all, this bugger can process 100 amps per hour while being towed. Yes, recharge while moving about the world, and that juice is stored in a 48-volt, 300-amp lithium battery module.

What does all this mean for your lifestyle? Nothing but worry-free living. You won't need to worry about gas cans or running out of fuel; the panels and battery array are enough to keep things flowing smoothly. And not only will your life systems be taken care of, but so will extras like your smart devices, entertainment center, and all that smooth lighting you see integrated into the living space.

Speaking of living space, if we look at the floorplan of this bugger, at one end of the Harvok sits a bedroom suitable for two adults, and at the opposite end, three bunk beds lie in wait for three kids. The rest of the space is equipped with a shower that sits separate from the toilet and, beyond that, a dining area and the galley. The rest of the unit is reserved for storage space for goodies and knick-knacks you want or need on your adventures.

Like most other manufacturers out there, Harvok appears to be the sort of team that will work with their future customers in devising the perfect off-grid and off-road habitat. However, what else you could possibly add to this bugger, I don't know, but an e-bike rack wouldn't hurt.

If you're wondering just how much cash you may need to prepare for such a habitat, Harvok doesn't mention how much their works start at, but the standard units from this manufacturer start at $95,000 Australian. This equates to roughly $66,000 American (at current exchange rates), and then you should factor in some shipping fees in case you live outside Australia, and your local dealership hasn't heard of Harvok.

Folks, the age of the modern camper is upon us, and machines like Harvok's Powerbanks are leading the way simply because they can do it all. Just a little something-something to keep you up to date on where the future of RVing is headed; complete independence.

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of Harvok Family Bunk interiors.


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