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Be Seen With the Australian Jayco All-Terrain Camper Trailer and Stand Out From the Crowd
Let's face it, not all campers are created equal. Beyond that idea, some manufacturers even build specific models for the countries they'll be used in, which aren't available everywhere. One machine you'll need to travel to Australia for is Jayco's All-Terrain caravan.

Be Seen With the Australian Jayco All-Terrain Camper Trailer and Stand Out From the Crowd

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With a name like All-Terrain (AT), you know darn well what to expect, and since you know that much, we can skip over the introductions and check out the sort of lifestyle that you can partake in if you grab a round-trip ticket to Aussieland and pay the shipping fees.

Folks, the mind behind the AT is Jayco. Yes, the one and the same that's been a staple of American RVing since 1968. But, in 1975, the Australian Jayco brand began to pop up on the market, and while there may be some confusion as to whether both companies are ruled under the same umbrella, both use the same font and logo when branding their units, and that alone is enough for me. Did I mention they also build campers with the same model names, except a couple or so?

One of those exceptions seems to be the AT we're looking at today. So why is this sucker so dang special? Precisely because it's built to be an all-terrain wonder that knows no bounds. After all, that's what all-terrain should mean, ALL-terrain. How is that idea applied to an RV?

Well, it all starts with a hot-dipped galvanized "endurance" chassis upon which a proprietary JTech independent suspension is thrown on. Both axles see the same treatment, and shock absorbers are thrown into the mix too. Alloy rims with all-terrain tires are then added, and we can move our attention to the living space you can find.

One thing you need to understand about Australia is that nearly everything is trying to take away your life force. From poisonous critters to spiders the size of your head and weather like few other places on Earth, this is one treacherous land. This means that your camper needs to be able to keep you alive in such harsh conditions, and with hail and dent-resistant insulated walls, not only will you be in control of the weather inside your AT, but what's happening outside won't matter much either.

As for the interior of these units, there are three floorplans to choose from, and the first is the 19.61-2.AT-MY22, coming in with a length of 19 feet (5.8 meters) and selling for a price of $86,000 Australian. Don't freak out, as this equates to roughly $59,900 American. A tad higher than what we may be used to seeing from the American Jayco, but you can see why. The largest of the buggers is the 22.68-1.AT-MY22 comes in at 22 feet (6.7 meters) long and costs $92,000 ($64,050 American at current exchange rates).

Now, all that cash is going into transforming this camper into a rugged off-grid machine. Not only is the interior fit with features like a wet bath, kitchen with a four-burner stove and fridge, and a modular dinette and bedroom, too. These spaces are also designed to hold your gear and food while helping you transition toward an outdoor lifestyle. Even if only for a few days or weeks out of the year.

This notion of outdoor integration is extended even further with countless little extras tattered to the exterior of the AT. From awnings to outdoor grills, bike racks, gas bottles, and off-road coupling, every inch of this rolling home is built for the outdoors. Countless other extras and standard features are also part of this home, but I have to leave something for you to discover too.

At the end of the day, it'll cost you a tad more to ship one of these babies over to the U.S. or any other country besides Australia, but to be seen with a Jayco like none other in your nation is a rather neat feeling, and one worth the price of shipping.

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of custom Jayco All-Terrain camper interiors and exteriors.


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