Canadian Teardrop Campers Are Indistinguishable From American Ones, and That Says It All

There are countless camper designs floating around in this world, but very few are as versatile as the teardrop. Heck, with a history dating back to the 1930s, it's no wonder that this mobile habitat has grown to be one of the most common on the road.
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Over time, on the other hand, several manufacturers have taken a crack at the timeless teardrop, and this time around, we're going to be exploring a Canadian crew that just so happens to also supply the U.S. with their wonderful vehicle additions. That crew is named Car-Go Trailers, and the beauty in question today is the Liberty 2GoXL, a machine described only with the words "mini apartment."

Before we explore what this teardrop camper can offer your lifestyle, let's see what Car-Go is all about. In 2015, Patrick St-Pierre decided he wanted to build his very own teardrop after encountering one in the wild one faithful day. Since his background in building high-end kitchen cabinets isn't very far from the knowledge needed to build such campers, he also decided to make a business out of it.

Just to start things off, the Liberty is currently being advertised as selling for $15,785. Whether that's Canadian Dollars or American isn't very clear. However, if the rate is in Canadian Dollars, it comes across as costing no more than $12,250 American (at current exchange rates). Nonetheless, some teardrops sell for more than $16K American, so it doesn't matter how you look it at; it's still a relatively affordable rate.

Liberty 2GoXL
Photo: Car-Go Trailers
But what are you getting for such a price? Well, a pretty dang solid teardrop. For example, the habitat is set up on an aluminum chassis, ensuring it's resistant to the elements and light. Heck, with the living space on top, all you'll be towing is a mobile habitat that weighs 1,025 pounds (465 kilograms), dry. The axle is also rated up to 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms), so you should have more than enough room for you, your significant other, and any gear you may need for your adventures. Best of all, a roof rack can be used, but it's unclear if the structure supports a tent.

If God forbid you're caught in some storm, or the shell starts to take a battering, aluminum exterior side panels help take the hits that life throws at you but are also water-resistant. However, it's the interior that you'll be using the most, so let's wander on inside.

In true teardrop fashion, the interior of this camper boasts a heavy use of wood. Whether it be the flooring, walls, or cabinets, eco-friendly and renewable wood is king. After all, Patrick's background is in building such cabinetry, and I don't know about you, but the cabinets I have at home are completed from this raw material. A modular mattress and countless storage spaces are also inside. LED lighting and a fan integrated into the roof are also part of the utilities found inside, not to mention control panels for systems like radio or batteries and pumps if you have any installed.

Liberty 2GoXL Interior
Photo: Car-Go Trailers
Speaking of systems, there isn't much you can do to a teardrop except equip the exterior in such a fashion as to be ready for the great outdoors. Since the galley is set up in classic fashion, at the rear and accessible via a hatch, the Liberty really does the teardrop style justice. This is yet another area where Patrick's expertise and design can be seen, resulting in lots of space for a fridge, cooktop, and storage. Since this is where all your foodstuffs will be located, storage is not to be underestimated. If you want to add solar power, you'll need to think things through a bit or just go for a mobile setup.

Sure, Canada may not be the grandfather of the teardrop, or most campers, for that matter, but with machines like the Liberty, this nation is sure to start popping up at RV shows all over the world. Heck, this teardrop is indistinguishable from any other I've covered, whether it be American, European, or even South African, and that says something.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Liberty 2GoXL interiors and exteriors.

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