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Google Enables Highly Anticipated Google Maps Feature on Android

Dark modes are the new cool thing in software, and as one of the companies offering the most popular apps on the planet, Google certainly knows this very well.
Full dark mode in Google Maps for Android 1 photo
So the search giant has started more than a year ago to add dark themes to its mobile applications, including to Google Maps, the tool that almost everybody uses to get from point A to point B more efficiently.

There was only one problem with the Google Maps dark mode on Android: it didn’t actually cover the map information displayed in the app.

Google has silently started rolling out a full dark mode for Android devices earlier today, and by the looks of things, the first wave of devices is getting this update right now. However, worth knowing is that there’s no new version of Google Maps that enables this interface, so Google is using a server-side switch that introduces a new toggle in the settings screen.

More specifically, users who got this new feature can head over to the configuration panel and expand the Appearance section to choose between light theme, dark theme, and default to device theme.

Everything in this new interface is dark now, and this is without a doubt a welcome approach especially when driving during the night. The best way to go in the configuration screen is to just keep the setting to follow system rules, which means that Google Maps would adapt to whatever visual style you are using on Android.

For the time being, Google is yet to officially announce the new visual makeover, but there’s a chance more information would be provided on who gets it and who doesn’t in the coming weeks. For now, however, there’s not much you can do to get the dark mode in Google Maps, as the whole thing depends on a gradual rollout powered by a server-side switch.


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