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GM's Automated Driving System Might Be Good, but It Still Needs to Learn From Tesla

GM’s Super Cruise automated driving system has been praised both by users and regulators, some even saying it is better than Tesla Autopilot. Even so, moving to the next level, GM seems to need a helping hand from Tesla, as the Detroit carmaker was caught benchmarking the Smart Summon feature on a Tesla Model 3.
GM has been caught benchmarking the Tesla Summon feature on Model 3 7 photos
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Many people believe big carmakers have deep coffers and can blow out startup competition in the EV market. This is true, except, of course, for the last part. It’s not only electric vehicle development where established carmakers face stiff competition from innovative startups, but also autonomous driving. Coincidently, this is another field that was pioneered by startups before the big auto industry decided to join. But having tons of money and getting results are two different things.

General Motors is one of the companies in the traditional auto industry that are the most advanced when it comes to automated driving. Not only do GM vehicles feature advanced assistance systems under the Super Cruise umbrella, but GM is also a pioneer of autonomous driving with its Cruise venture. Both programs will eventually converge into Ultra Cruise, an autonomous driving system that aims to eliminate the driver from a vehicle.

Needless to say, GM has invested heavily in its automated driving systems, as well as its autonomous vehicle programs. Moreover, $35 billion are earmarked for new AV and EV projects until 2025, so you see how serious this has got for GM. Nevertheless, making progress also means looking over the fence at what the rivals are doing, and for the most part, this means Tesla.

According to GM Authority, GM is benchmarking the Tesla Smart Summon using a Model 3. Pictures taken around a GM testing facility show a white Tesla Model 3 buzzing around without a driver behind the wheel, while somebody was waiting for the car further away. To make things real, the Model 3 had a GM vehicle inventory barcode on the rear bumper, as well as a Michigan manufacturer license plate.

Make this what you will but this sure looks like GM are testing Tesla Smart Summon. Depending on how useful or feasible to implement this would turn out, GM might consider introducing a similar function to its Ultra Cruise system. If you are not aware, Smart Summon allows owners to “summon” their car from the parking lot using the Tesla app. The function is still in beta at the moment, like anything FSD-related.


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