Dog Driving a Tesla Model 3 Is What the Smart Summon Function Was Made for

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Tesla has recently pumped up the price for what it calls the Full Self-Driving (FSD) option - a suite of hardware devices that it claims will be enough to grant its vehicles Level 5 autonomy once the software and the legislation catch up.
Tesla buyers aren't usually bothered by a $1,000 price increase and will gladly pay for the kind of technology that's supposed to bring their vehicles on the crisp edge of automotive evolution, particularly if Elon Musk is backing the promise himself. And he is.

He's also extremely confident in the brand's awareness and desirability as proven by Tesla's famous abstinence from conventional advertisements. However, if the company suddenly decided to make a commercial for the FSD, this clip you'll find embedded below would be their best choice.

Forget about navigating stop-and-go traffic on the freeway like a boss, forget about avoiding imminent accidents, forget about going to work without touching the steering wheel - they all pale in comparison to having your dog sit in the driver's seat and having the car move around in a parking lot on its own using the Smart Summon feature.

$9,000 just to enable a prank sounds a little too much, but sometimes it's these silly little things that can make people who were still on the fence decide to go for it. Of course they'll do much more with the system once they have it, but stage something similar to this when you know the unaware grandpa will be watching, and you'll get your $9,000-worth of fun in one go. Provided grandpa has a strong heart, obviously.

Be careful, though, as the Smart Summon isn't without its faults. The people in this clip appear to use the feature the right way: stay close to the vehicle and always keep an eye out for anything that could go wrong. A Tesla Model X owner in Texas, though, recently demonstrated how not to do it when they called their vehicle from across an empty parking lot, only to be woken up by the sound of the $100,000 vehicle slamming into a stop sign.
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