Gladius, the Millionaire Deal of the Year Can Be Yours if You've Got the Cash

Gladius (Ferretti 1000) 19 photos
Photo: Ferretti Yachts
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The ugly truth is that very few of us have the cash necessary to purchase and maintain a superyacht. However, that doesn’t stop us from drooling over some of the floating wonders that grace this earth. One such wonder is the rather affordable – in comparison to other billionaire toys – Gladius.
Folks, Gladius is a 99 ft (30 m) ship built by none other than Ferretti Yachts, the one and the same whose work we’ve featured countless times before. Considering they’ve been in this business for over 50 years, it makes sense to keep an eye on the ships they push out.

Well, Gladius was birthed back in 2022 and quickly scooped up by some anonymous millionaire. However, it seems that whoever purchased it the first time got bored rather quickly because, right now, you and I can now be the owners of Gladius; it’s up for sale through Northrop & Johnson.

Now, 99 ft isn’t the largest of yachts that we’ve featured on our site, nor is it's $11 million (€10.5 million at current exchange rates) asking price. But Ferretti didn't make a name for itself by simply building massive ships; they did it by bringing a complete experience to those with the money for it. Let’s see what the lucky few can get their hands on.

Believe it or not, as small as the Gladius comes across, it still spans over four decks, and the piece de resistance provides more alfresco spaces and areas than ships twice its size. In short, this one is for the sun-loving and two-legged lizards (humans) among us. Grab your beach towel, and let’s go!

Gladius \(Ferretti 1000\)
Photo: Ferretti Yachts
Since this aspect is one of its strongest points, let's start with it. To do so, I want you to picture yourself on the uppermost deck of this beauty or the sun deck. This is the area where you’ll probably spend most of your time, soaking up precious rays from the sun, grabbing a drink, even a bite to eat, and if the captain deems it acceptable, take over and control the ship.

At the front, the wheelhouse is in place, but as we head toward the rear of this space, seats pop into view, lining the sides of Gladius, and aft, three couches arranged in a U-shaped configuration can accommodate a part of the ten possible guests onboard. If you’re like me, you’ll probably be spending most of your time chatting it up with the bartender.

Yet, my favorite space on this deck is at the very bow. Take a look at those lounging pads and forward-facing seating arrangements, and tell me this isn’t the place to experience all 28 knots (32 mph) of top speed that Gladius can reach. Why not roll into port in this spot? After all, you want to send a statement to the world, don’t you?

From here, it’s time to take a few steps away from this deck and find ourselves one lower. Here, again, the Gladius graces us with an alfresco dining space at the rear, but the rest of this deck is reserved for the main lounge or salon. Be sure to check out the image gallery before you go on.

Once you find yourself face to face with this deck, you and your loved ones or friends will be greeted by floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and, beyond that, an L-shaped lounge where you can sit around and stare off into the blue. For illumination, day hours flood the interior with sunlight via more floor-to-ceiling glass walls, and whenever you get hungry, take your place at the interior dining table and wait for multi-million-dollar meals.

Gladius \(Ferretti 1000\)
Photo: Ferretti Yachts
As for what to do once your belly is full of the finest dishes around, what’s there to do? Well, you can either retire to any of the lavish guest rooms – maybe you’re the owner and have an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet – or simply head back outside to lounge around and do nothing. Go ahead; you deserve it.

Personally, you’ll find me sitting at the rear of the ship, away from as many people as possible, and baiting the local sharks with my feet splashing in the waters around Gladius. Best of all, this ship is built with a tender and toy garage, but you’ll have to purchase that gear on your own.

For the next minute or so, I want you to take a little break from whatever it is you’re doing and place yourself in the center of all that is Gladius. Picture yourself signing the paperwork, climbing aboard, and finally pushing off. Once you do, you’ll find yourself surrounded by your closest family and friends, and even a handful of deckhands, and before long, you’ve left the landlocked life behind.

Once out at sea, the music is turned on, the drinks start flying, and the meals are cooked. What more could you ask for? Oh, you can ask for more, can you? In that case, get a hold of any of the brokerage firms handling this exquisite deal and go from there. Just bring your checkbook to unlock a life upon a floating palace.
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