Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 Festival Playlist Events and Rewards Revealed (October 6 – 13)

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Forza Horizon 5 Festival PlaylistForza Horizon 5 Festival PlaylistForza Horizon 5 Festival PlaylistForza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist2018 Nissan Sentra NISMO
The last Festival Playlist of the Horizon Road Trip has just kicked off, which means this is your last chance to earn the necessary points to grab the two cars available in this series: 2021 Audi RS e-tron GT and 2021 McLaren 765LT. Both these exclusive cars are not available in the Autoshow, so this is your only chance to get them, at least for a while.
Additionally, two more exclusive cars are available specifically during this Festival Playlist, such as the 2018 Nissan Sentra NISMO (20 points) and the 1992 Ferrari 512 TR (40 points). The Spring / Hot Season rewards a total of 65 points and brings dozens of new events and challenges for players to complete.

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist
Photo: Playground Games
Below is the full list of weekly and daily challenges Forza Horizon 5 players can choose to complete, as well as their respective rewards:

#Forzathon Weekly Challenge: On the Run (5 pts)

These four challenges must be completed in sequence for completion.
  • Chapter 1: Baby Godzilla | Own and drive the 1990 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R
  • Chapter 2: Mini Skyline | Win a Street Race in the Pulsar
  • Chapter 3: Attesa | Win a Dirt Race in the Pulsar
  • Chapter 4: Hottest Hatch | Achieve a speed of 200mph (322kph) in the Pulsar

#Forzathon Daily Challenges (1 point each)

Each day a new challenge opens at 7:30am PT and is open for 7 days.
  • The Road Less Travelled | Visit the Horizon Wilds Festival Outpost
  • Foot to the Floor | Earn 9 stars in total from Speed Zones while driving any Rally Monster
  • New Car Who Dis | Buy a car from the Autoshow
  • Show 'Em Who’s Boss | Win a Dirt Race in a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302
  • Unstoppable | Earn a Wrecking Ball Skill combo in any Vans & Utility vehicle
  • Eat My Dust | Win the Baja California Trail in a Classic Rally car
  • You Are My Sunshine | Drive 10 miles (16.1km) in a 1963 Volkswagen Type 2 De Luxe

Forzathon Shop
  • 600 FP Car: 2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (Autoshow value 2,500,000 CR)
  • 400 FP Car: 1991 Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 ford Escort Cosworth Group A (Autoshow value 500,000 CR)
  • 75 FP Clothing: Star 27 Ankle Socks (seasonal Exclusive)
  • 75 FP Clothing: Gong (seasonal Exclusive)
  • 60 FP Wheelspins: 150 FP Super Wheelspins

2018 Nissan Sentra NISMO
Photo: Playground Games
The bulk of this season’s events offers a wide range of rewards, including cars like the 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GST and the 1977 Ford Escort RS1800, along with clothing items and Super Wheelspins. Make sure to toggle the menu to show the rewards you can get and the restrictions for each the events:

Horizon Arcade (3 pts) | Mini Games | Complete any Horizon Arcade theme
Reward: White Modern Puebla Dress (seasonal Exclusive)

The Trial (10 pts) | Off the Beaten Path | (100-700) Offroad
Note: You must have unlocked the Hall of Fame with Accolade points to enter the Trial.
Reward: 1989 Porsche #65 Rothsport Racing 911 ‘Desert Flyer’ (Autoshow value 500,000 CR)

EventLab (3 pts) | TWISTED KNOT PRESENTS “Rally Trail” | (A800) Rally Monsters
Reward: Black Modern Puebla Dress (Seasonal Exclusive clothing)

Playground Games (3 pts) | Team Flag Rush | Ek’ Balam | (100-700) Hot Hatch
Reward: 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR (Autoshow value 28,000 CR)

Danger Sign (2 pts) | Stadium Jump | (S2 998) Anything Goes | 1,397.6 feet
Reward: Super Wheelspin

Speed Zone (2 pts) | Ranchito | (S2 998) Anything Goes | 100.00 mph
Reward: Super Wheelspin

Drift Zone (2 pts) | Rancheria | (S2 998) Anything Goes | 98,500 points
Reward: Super Wheelspin

Championship (5 pts) | The Gauntlet | Dirt Race | (100-900) Rally Monsters
Reward: 1977 Ford Escort RS1800 (Autoshow value 88,000 CR)

Championship (5 pts) | Dirt Endurance | Dirt Race | (B700) Modern Rally
Reward: 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi (Autoshow value 51,000 CR)

Championship (5 pts) | Blaze a Trail | Dirt Race | (D500) Classic Rally
Reward: 1990 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R (Autoshow value 20,000 CR)

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist
Photo: Playground Games
Three new challenges are available for those who want to push their skills to the limit. This time around, Forza Horizon 5 who successfully complete these challenges will be rewarded with Forzathon points, an exclusive ForzaLINK phrase and an exclusive car horn:


Treasure Hunt (3 pts) | Rally on the Wild Side | Victory awaits whoever can brave the Dirt with a rallying cry of nostalgia
Reward: 100 Forzathon Points

Photo Challenge (2 pts) | #RUNNINGWILD | Photograph the 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR at the Horizon Wilds Outpost
Reward: Police Siren (Seasonal Exclusive car horn)

The Eliminator (2 pts) | Battle Royale | Finish 30th or better
Reward: This isn’t even my final form (Seasonal Exclusive ForzaLINK phrase)

More content is available for Forza Horizon 5 players who own the Hot Wheels Expansion DLC. An additional car and a Super Wheelspin are up for grabs, so don’t skip the events below if you have the expansion installed.

Danger Sign (2 pts) | Forest Escape | (S2 998) Anything Goes
Reward: Super Wheelspin

Championship (5 pts) | Hit the Orange Trail | (A800) Rally Monsters
Reward: 2011 Subaru WRX STi (Autoshow value 33,000 CR)

As far as the “Monthly Events” go, they’re the same as the once announced last week because, of course, they’re monthly events. You can complete these anytime during Series 12, but no later than October 13:

Horizon Story (12 pts) | Made in Mexico | Earn up to 27 stars from the story chapters.
Reward: 1971 Meyers Manx FE (Hard-to-Find)

Monthly Rivals (4 pts) | Bola Ocho Circuit | Post a clean lap to complete. | Experience the Audi RS 7 '21 before you can put on in your garage!

Forza EV (4 pts) | Emerald Circuit | Post a clean lap to complete.

Last but not least, completing the Horizon Super7 in the creative Hub menu will reward players with the 2018 Audi RS 4 Avant (Seasonal Exclusive car).
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