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Fixing Music on Android Auto Is So Painful You’ll Likely Just Wait for an Update

Earlier this month, we told you about a widespread Android Auto glitch that seems to be plaguing quite a lot of devices, with Spotify, which is often the preferred choice when it comes to music streaming in the car, no longer being able to load.
Spotify on Android Auto 1 photo
In other words, you plug in your smartphone, Android Auto launches, and when you tap the Spotify icon, the app just fails to run.

Unfortunately for users, neither Google nor Spotify acknowledged the whole thing, so for the time being, they’re all alone in their attempt to find a workaround that would restore the music app in their cars.

And as it turns out, some have actually discovered a way to get Spotify up and running on Android Auto, though, at the first glance, the fix is so inconvenient most people would just prefer to wait for an official update that would bring everything back to normal.

Google user Martin Sproul has turned to the official Android Auto support forums to explain that fixing Spotify requires a manual clearing of the cache on the mobile device before launching the connection in the car.

So technically, what you need to do before getting in the car is to head over to the settings of your Android device, look for Spotify, and clear its cache. And you need to do this every single time before you launch Android Auto because, for some reason, the bug returns, blocking the app from running after the first launch.

At the first glance, this seems to indicate the culprit right now is Spotify, not Android Auto. But as we said, with Google and Spotify remaining tight-lipped on the whole thing, nobody knows exactly what’s happening, so using this painful temporary workaround is pretty much the only way to get the music app up and running on a device impacted by the aforementioned bug.


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