Check Out the 2024 Legacy Elite 2 and Why It's Seen As "The Pinnacle of Camping Trailers"

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When I first started working at autoevolution, I explored countless styles and manufacturers of campers and RVs, and one crew, Oliver Travel Trailers, stood out against the rest like a sore thumb, but for all the right reasons. This time around, we check back in to see what they've been up to; their fiberglass Legacy Elite 2 is the subject of our interest, and again, for all the right reasons.
Ladies and gents and lovers of the outdoors, if the name Oliver Travel Trailers sounds familiar, it may be because we've covered this American-born crew on a couple of occasions. I fell in love with their work because they sought to design and build timeless campers and succeeded.

If you're aware of what's possible with fiberglass, then you know what sort of capabilities it can bring to the outdoor living table. But what you might not know is that the style before us today is very similar if not identical to a Boler camper, the one and the same born in the heart of Canada back in the 60s. Oh, and Bolers are known to last for years on end and have been found in running order after being forgotten in garages for decades.

Yet, we're not in the 60s anymore, and that's really where Oliver comes in. Sure, this brand is rather new, having only been around since 2008, but their knowledge of fiberglass dynamics and the ability to manipulate this composite goes back to 1995, working under the name Precision Polymers.

Legacy Elite 2
Photo: Oliver Travel Trailers
From bathtubs, showers, and campers, they do it all. It's this know-how and client base that has allowed them to stay alive in an industry often dominated by brands the likes of Airstream and Winnebago, just to name a few. Then again, it might simply be due to the fact that this crew builds one hell of a machine, and that's where the Elite 2 comes in.

For starters, Oliver seems to understand that folks like you and me don't want, need, or are even willing to pay for a plethora of units lined up on their driveway, each one tuned for a different season of the year, so they crafted a habitat that can sustain a clean and comfortable life through the year.

This is achieved by the way the Elite 2 is built, with two halves meeting in the middle, but also the way it's insulated. According to Oliver's website, the Elite 2 is a double-hulled unit, so aside from the outer fiberglass shell you see, another shell, slightly smaller, is found inside, too, like a sandwich, where the peanut butter and jelly are insulation thick enough to give this bugger its four-season properties.

Legacy Elite 2
Photo: Oliver Travel Trailers
Speaking of the shells, what's important to note about the interior ones is that each half is one piece, just like the exterior, and looking overhead, we can see that storage bays are integrated into the whole construction itself. The same is true for features like the galley block, dinette, and several others.

Since we're on the topic of interiors, let me point out that there are only two available floorplans in store for this lineup, and no matter which you choose, up to three people will have a place to rest their bones at night. Depending on the floor plan you chose, the rear of the 2 will be reserved for either a modular lounge that shifts to a beam-to-beam bed or two singles. The third occupant will be resting their bones on the dinette found near the wet bath at the front.

While it may be rather difficult for me to help you imagine what your life may be like inside one of these units, the images in the gallery should do one heck of a job in transmitting a clear message; take a moment and daydream a little. Once you're done, I'll be waiting for you outside.

Legacy Elite 2
Photo: Oliver Travel Trailers
I've invited you back to the exterior of this habitat once more for a very important reason. One thing I love about Oliver is that they don't just build wonderful interiors to keep humans like you and me safe and comfortable on adventures, but they also load up each unit with more than enough features to live a full and comfortable life outdoors, too.

For example, a standard unit might come across as rather bare, but by the time you're done adding all your favorite knick-knacks to your Elite 2, you'll be looking at a unit with multiple awnings, solar panels on top, bike rack at the rear, spare tire floating around, and in the backdrop, you and your family, sitting around and catching some sun. Why not throw up an outdoor dining set and really get settled? But don't stop there; give old Oliver a call and see what else you can do with an Elite 2 and why you should consider grabbing one.

But how much are we expected to pay for something of this nature? Well, there's one big catch to this deal, and that's having to dish out a bit of cash to a dealership; apparently, Oliver works with countless dealerships throughout the US to give Americans access to these beauties. The catch here is that a 2024 unit, depending on the layout and features inside, can fetch as high as $110K and more.

Sure, it's a lot to some folks, but the trade-off is a camper that you can pass down to your kids. Oh, and whether the Legacy Elite 2 is "the Pinnacle of Camping Trailers" or not - a statement we can see on the manufacturer's website - is up to you and your lifestyle.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include the Legacy Elite 1 camper to display the building process and an array of Elite 2 model years.

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