Explore Scamp's 13' Boler Travel Trailer and Why It Might Be the Last You'll Ever Buy

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Photo: Scamp Trailers / Eveland's, Inc
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With the new year here, countless manufacturers are hitting the market with the machines they feel will be the epitome of this year. One such crew is Scamp Trailers, but the machine they've chosen for 2024 will only be up for grabs very late in the new year. That's one way to create suspense, and for good reason.
Folks, if the name Scamp is familiar to you, then you know that this crew has been a part of the American off-grid and on-road living scene for decades. Sure, there were countless ups and downs in this company's history, including factory fires and a complete rebuild of its production grounds, but the fact that they're still alive means they're doing something right, and they are.

If you're familiar with the camper fad of the early 60s, the one brought down by Canadian Ray Olecko, then you're aware of what a Boler may be. If you don't, all you really need to know is that Bolers are known to have lasted decades, mainly because their shells are crafted from good old and undying fiberglass. With proper love and care, units have been found in working order after 40 and even 50 years. Oh, and Scamp is one of the few remaining crews that was born through direct contact with Boler American, the crew entrusted to develop America's Boler scene.

Well, even though Boler American went out of business in 1972, Scamp (Eveland's Inc.) continued to craft these babies, mainly because they had countless molds lying around the factory floor, and with time, effort, and persistence, this brand is still alive today. But, it's not all this crew is known for.

What I like most about Scamp, aside from the element-proof units they build, is the fact that they know what folks like you and I want and even need, and costs are a huge factor in this equation. For example, three camper styles are offered by this crew, and their largest, a fiberglass gooseneck monster dubbed the 19' (19-footer), is priced around $35K (€32K at current exchange rates).

Photo: Scamp Trailers / Eveland's, Inc
If we consider that the model before us today, the 13' (13-footer), is Scamp's smallest machine, how much do you think it'll cost us to own? Well, it depends on which of the two 13' variations you choose, either Standard or Deluxe, but for a 2024 standard, we're looking at a starting price of a tad under $20K (€18.5K), which is a bit higher in comparison to previous model years, as was expected. Deluxe models, on the other hand, start up a bit higher on the price ladder, at a tad over $24K (€22K).

Now, what really blew my mind about these babies is just how much Scamp managed to cram inside each one. For example, units can accommodate outdoor-loving families, but if your adventures are just for couples, you can even have the luxury of a wet bath inside your camper. That's something you don't see every day, and a reason why $20K for one of these sounds amazing.

Ok, so a bathroom and shower in a 13-foot unit is nice and all, but that's not all that makes this travel trailer what it is. As we explore the interior, we can see that the storage options, modular dinettes, and galley blocks are brought to life using wood, and in some cases, composite materials. While most folks would frown upon the former, the Boler-style construction of the shell ensures the elements stay out of your unit, so no problems with some cellulose here and there.

Nonetheless, be sure to check your camper's seals and trims regularly; all it takes is a solid bake in the sun during an Arizona summer, and you're bound to get some cracks somewhere. It's just good practice if you ask me, and these little checkups go a long way toward preserving the life of any camper or RV. Did you notice the "Scamp on a Pole" in the image gallery?

Photo: Scamp Trailers / Eveland's, Inc
Further down on the features list, we can spot things like a two-burner top, AC prep, tank monitors, water heaters, fridges, battery packs, and countless others. Then there's the options list, which includes things like generators, outdoor showers, solar panel kits, electric brakes, and a furnace.

Now, for the remainder of this short introduction into what 2024 has to offer in terms of Scamp, I'd like to invite you to take a moment out of your busy day to picture yourself in possession of one of these quaint hunks of fiberglass.

We can skip over the driving bit and simply find ourselves on the edge of some forest treeline, on a secluded beach, or even in a trailer park; it's your daydream, so you pick the destination. I'm on a beach myself.

Once you've stretched those legs, it's time to stabilize your unit, unhitch it, and free your vehicle from its chariot-like activities. While the kids are running around and throwing sand at each other or collecting firewood for the evening fire, you begin to unfurl up your outdoor dining setup and even pitch a tent for the rugrats to hang out in and giggle themselves to sleep.

Photo: Scamp Trailers / Eveland's, Inc
With the campsite ready, head inside to prepare a bite to eat for the gang, or maybe just grab a cold one and relax for a bit. I like the latter option, especially during sunset. Better yet, you'll be here for the next couple of days or so, so unwind a little, have another, and enjoy the view and sounds of the natural world around you.

Before the kids come back from their adventures, you and your significant other head inside to prepare a meal for the gang, and dessert is served over a fire with graham crackers, marshmallows, and bits of chocolate. S'mores, they're called, and without them, we can't call it camping.

Trust me; it's the little things and undying traditions we pass on from one generation to the next that really matter. Come to think of it, a 13' stands a solid chance of being in the family for decades, too, so I feel it's safe to say that we can add it to that list of things "that really matter."
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of 13' interiors and exteriors, including the famed "Scamp on a Pole."

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