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Ferrari F430 "White Walker" Is Slammed and Then Some

The #slammed aftermarket subculture is gaining extra traction with each new season, with the supercar subgenre being no exception. And while most builds of the sort we discussed to date come from Japan, the one that brought us here today, which sports the Ferrari badge, spends its time in the USA.
Ferrari F430 "White Walker" 5 photos
Ferrari F430 "White Walker"Ferrari F430 "White Walker"Ferrari F430 "White Walker"Ferrari F430 "White Walker"
We're looking at a Fezza that started out in life as a 2005 F430. And it looks like the mods fitted to the vehicle are here to enhance its factory look without taking things to extremes (purists probably won't agree, though).

Speaking of purists, there's no point in talking about daily driving limitations of this project, since the uber-limited ride height you see in these pictures comes via air springs - the air tank is accommodated in the frunk of the V8 Fezza, as you'll notice in one of the social media posts below (yes, this is the owner's account).

Alas, while the luggage compartment of the Ferrari F430 already has a limited capacity, the bottom location of the said tank means shopping bags are probably out of question.

As for those wheels, they were supplied by Rotiform and we have to applaud the subtle way in which they stand out compared to factory Ferrari units. Of course, their finish deserves quite a lot of credit here, since it contributes to the white-on-white look that sets this supercar apart from others of its kind.

The said look of the vehicle (think of its as the OEM+ trend gearheads on the Old Continent love so much) means that the front apron is borrowed from the Scuderia incarnation of the 430. As for the rear apron, this appears similar to the hardware featured on the 430 Challenge, the motorsport version of the Italian exotic - yep, this explains the tow hook sitting in the middle of that diffuser.


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