Ferrari 250 SWB Is an Insane Restomod from GTO Engineering

GTO Engineering Ferrari 250 SWB 6 photos
Photo: Via Carfection
GTO Engineering Ferrari 250 SWBGTO Engineering Ferrari 250 SWBGTO Engineering Ferrari 250 SWBGTO Engineering Ferrari 250 SWBGTO Engineering Ferrari 250 SWB
There are more fake Ferrari 250s on the planet than there are real ones. That's what makes the GTO Engineering recreation so special. It's not like the fiberglass units that pop up to cars and coffee events. It's a hand-built masterpiece true to the original.
Even Ferrari 250s in poor condition are worth millions of dollars. That's understandable to aficionados. Each chassis is a unique and special part of history. Enzo himself played a role in the production of each to one extent or another.

The problem is that when any car is worth so much, driving it is dangerous. Now add to that concern that even vehicles in their best condition from that era are somewhat fragile. Those aspects of classic Ferrari ownership make it less of an enthusiast's dream.

GTO Engineering has the fix though. Their Ferrari 250 SWB recreation is one of the most faithful. That's because GTO Engineering is primarily a Ferrari repair and restoration workshop. They've spent countless hours rebuilding, servicing, and inspecting classic Ferraris.

That gives them first-hand insight into how these cars are really crafted and it's allowed them to create a masterpiece of their own. The 250 SWB recreation is just one of many they make but it's the one Carfection just featured.

It looks like a classic Ferrari 250. It uses similar parts. It even has three different V12 engine options and two manual gearboxes customers can choose from. What makes it different is that these parts are made with modern manufacturing techniques. Still, all of the details are right. The finish is outstanding.

Nothing about the GTO Engineering 250 SWB is fragile. Nothing about it is any less than robust. The model we see in this film can reach 60 miles per hour from a stop in just six seconds. It can also reach a top speed of more than 150 miles per hour.

That's sincerely fast. And it allows buyers to enjoy much of the original car's personality. That robust attitude means that this thing starts every time you turn the key over. You can drive it hard and not worry.

GTO Engineering will even let you spec your Ferrari recreation with air conditioning or a USB charge port. Interestingly enough, no screens will be found in these cars. No, GTO wants to provide a nearly identical experience to driving the real thing.

This provides exactly that. It sounds like it should. It responds as it should. And it never has to stop putting a smile on the face of its owners. If anything, it must be nice knowing that, when you're behind the wheel of the GTO Engineering 250 SWB, a crash won't end up costing tens of millions of dollars.

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