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Famous GTA Online Cheating Software Shuts Down After Massive Hack Attack

Paragon has long been one of the most popular tools for players to cheat in GTA Online, and while so many people hated the whole thing, others just supported the project hoping Rockstar would never ban it.
GTA Online is the main engine of GTA V's growth 1 photo
And while the parent company itself has never seemed too eager to block the use of such software, it looks like the ones that made the whole thing possible are hackers.

A massive hack attack specifically aimed at Paragon’s servers has caused plenty of sensitive data to be exposed, including SCIDs, IPs, emails, Discord IDs, and license keys. The team at Paragon says no passwords have been compromised though.

While we don’t know who was behind the cyberattack and whether they just wanted to take the software down or not, Paragon says fixing the exploit and recovering its service is totally doable. But it just won’t do that.

In an announcement published on the official site, the team explains that what it will do instead is just shut down the software once and for all, as it just wants to “avoid any further complications before it’s too late.

Paragon seems to suggest that even if the service is restored, it could become a major target for hackers out there. “An incident like this still changes things. It has increased the risks involved,” it says, explaining that keeping the cheating software alive is no longer viable.

As for what this means for the future of cheating in GTA Online, nothing is certain at this point. While other developers could team up and create a similar project that would launch rather sooner than later, there’s also a chance that Rockstar itself isn’t actually bothered with what happened, and it could decide to block cheating software from making its way to GTA Online in the future.

Right now, GTA Online is the main engine that’s spearheading GTA V’s sales, with the company recently announcing new-gen versions of the game that would also include a standalone online mode release.


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