F1 23 Could Arrive in Mid-June, According to Known Leaker

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F1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuitF1 22 – Portimao circuit
The last time EA said something about the upcoming F1 23 was back in early March, and they didn't give us a lot to go on in the first place. But recently, a well-known leaker tweeted about a possible release date for the highly anticipated game. As always, take these leaks with a moderate amount of sodium, or you might fall prey to the all-encompassing and all-knowing "trust me, bro" type of source.
Twitter user @billbil_kun is well known for their leaks and, more often than not, proves trustworthy. The usual posts involve EA for some reason, and they can be about upcoming discounts on various digital stores, release dates, incoming trailers, and so on.

The leaker's most recent EA-related tweets involve Dead Space, Wild Hearts, Immortals of Aveum, and something unverified yet called "Super Mega Baseball 4." We won't go into details because they're not the main focus of today's leak, but F1 23 is.

According to @billbil_kun, the game will come out sometime between June 13 and June 20, 2023, in a Standard and Deluxe version.

There's also info about an incoming announcement trailer we should see in less than a week from now. In other words, if this leaker is correct or not, we should have our "diagnosis" in a couple of days (Dr. House would be proud).

The leaker's time window is the most interesting element from their entire post because F1 22 launched on July 1, 2022. Either they're off by a bit of a margin, or we'll see this upcoming iteration just two weeks shy of an entire year.

As for how the quality of the game is going to be, we'll only find out during the actual presentation trailer. We have yet to find any other info, officially or otherwise, about how it will look and feel.

However, the initial EA teaser image did include the words "fresh start," so it could mean Codemasters developed it with an updated or entirely new game engine.

It's also possible that it will feature Ray-Tracing, together with DLSS 2 and 3 support. No worries if you're not up to date with Nvidia's latest DLSS numerology because I got you, fam.

DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling, a fancy way of saying upscaling resolution. When you see DLSS settings on Quality, Balanced, Performance, and Ultra Performance, it means the game will be running at a lower resolution than your selected native one, and then it will upscale that for a clearer picture.

On my Intel i9-13900k with Nvidia RTX 4080 GPU, I always use 4K resolution with DLSS on Quality, and I usually get 15-25 more fps, depending on the case.

DLSS 3 is a whole-nother beast altogether. It takes every frame from a game while it predicts and composes another "fake" one without adjusting the resolution.

The downside to DLSS 3 is that it creates a bit of input lag, which Nvidia Reflex tends to rectify, but this is developer-dependent. I played some 3rd person action-adventure games with DLSS 3 on and felt the input lag, while some shooters gave me the impression I had no lag whatsoever.

If F1 23 will feature both DLSS technologies, you could get an extra 30-50 frames per second, depending on your rig. It's also important to note that DLSS has the best results on 4K Quality, rather than using it for lower resolutions like 1440p or, God forbid, 1080p. Not to mention that if you throw Ray Tracing into the mix, then it's an entirely different story.

As I previously mentioned, if @billbil_kun is correct, it's only a matter of days until we see what's up with Codemaster's highly anticipated game. Some people are already in the closed beta, so you can also expect more leaks from there.
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