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Eviation's All-Electric Plane Reaches New Milestone, Nails First Flight

Eviation Aircraft has recently announced that its all-electric aircraft Alice successfully completed its maiden flight. With the first flight completed, the zero-emission plane is one step closer to certification.
Eviation's Alice all-electric aircraft completes maiden flight 7 photos
Eviation Alice Electric PlaneEviation Alice Electric PlaneEviation Alice Electric PlaneEviation Alice Electric PlaneEviation Alice Electric PlaneEviation Alice Electric Plane
Eviation has been working to put Alice up in the skies for several years. The airplane was announced for the first time in 2017. Two years later, the company introduced a revolutionary prototype at the Paris Air Show. Since then, the development of Alice has been slow and hindered by multiple factors, including the global health crisis.

But recently, there’s been noticeable progress with the aircraft. A little over a week ago, Eviation stated that its plane completed a high-speed taxi rotation, and now, it announced that it successfully completed its maiden flight.

Alice took to the skies on Tuesday (September 28) at 7:10 a.m. The aircraft lifted off from Grant County International Airport (MWH) and climbed to an altitude of 3,500 ft (1,067 meters). It stayed in the air for around 8 minutes before returning to the airport. This breakthrough flight offered Eviation crucial data that will be used for further optimizing the aircraft.

Alice was designed to transport people and goods. The plane is available in three configurations: Commuter, Executive, and Cargo. The Commuter and Executive versions feature a wide cabin filled with luxe amenities, while the Cargo variant has amazing cargo-carrying capacity.

The aircraft also has a fly-by-wire cockpit, which increases safety. In terms of performance, Alice can reach top speeds of 260 knots (299 mph/482 kph) thanks to the two 640 kW magniX electric propulsion units. Eviation says that once it hits the market, it “will operate flights ranging from 150 miles to 250 miles (241 to 402 km).”

Several airlines and companies have already shown interest in this all-electric plane. Cape Air and Global Crossing Airlines have bought 75 and 50 Alice aircraft, respectively, while DHL Express has ordered 12 Alice eCargo planes. Eviation hopes to have Alice fully certified by 2024.

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